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Let’s see what June has in store for all of you lovely yachties out there! Thanks for all of the fantastic feedback after our first cosmic predictions last month, we hope you love this months just as much!

Aries horoscope


Things are looking good for your career this June with the stars hinting at a promotion. Take up the chance of any training opportunities (there’s usually someone offering money off or running a competition to get your next course for free), so up-skill your professional tool kit and help that promotion become a reality. Financially think long term and towards the end of the month if any property or land deals come your way, grab them with both hands. It looks like time for a Facebook cull because the universe is telling you to cut out any less than genuine friends. The retrograde of Uranus (yeah we said it) means that family however, are super important and it’s very important to react quickly this month if any of your nearest and dearest need your help. Romance is strong in your charts and things could move along pretty quickly for some of you. Don’t take long term loves for granted however as some of your partners are feeling rather delicate and you risk hurting feelings if you don’t keep yourself in check.

 Taurus horoscope


Taureans are often very family orientated and you should take extra special care to keep in touch with yours in June. There are several astrological reasons why this could also lead to some very nice financial benefits, so make sure you call home when you say you will because someone has a great business idea you need to hear! Use your initiative when you need something to go your way as the planets are feeling helpful in that department. Travel is prominent in your chart, but then it probably should be with your job… Talking of work, don’t get your rage on this month. Neptune is hanging back which means any conflicts or issues will take time to sort out and releasing your inner Bull won’t help that at all. There are no signs of any great love commitments from you, in fact the stars encourage you to shy away from any major decisions in the love department because anything you do get involved in stinks of complications.

 Gemini horoscope


It’s going to be emotional for all you Gemini’s in June. Your career takes a back seat, but its ok, you can totally get away with it. For those of you who take a break, it gives you the chance to work out if you are happy on the boat you are on, or need to start looking for a change, and the time to do something about it. Love is in the air for all you horny single Gemini’s, so get out to some of the crew events and check out the local talent. Even better go digital and use the chat feature on our app to see who is in the ports nearby. If you are a happy couple beware because something is bubbling under the surface, however fine you think things are, and if you’ve been having baby talk stay as far away from that conversation as you can at the moment! June is actually one of your best months in 2017 so don’t be scared to push for what you want. Get any training under your belt if you get the opportunity because your brain will soak up any new information. Be creative, and if you have a great idea be quick to act on it because you are swimming in success at the moment. Once you get past the middle of June money seems to just flow your way and its time to #TreatYoSelf to a little something just for you, or look at some investment opportunities because your gut instinct is on form.

Cancer horoscope


June sees an awakening of your third eye, or for those who barf at that kind of mumbo jumbo, it’s a great time for some yoga or increasing your focus on fitness. Whatever sets your mind straight and helps you deal with stress levels. It will feel like the world is literally throwing money at you this month and from lots of unexpected sources. It will do your karma a huge favour if you pay some of that forward and donate some to one of the superyacht charities out there. www.cogs4cancer.org and the Allan Graham Charity are two of our favourites. Something that doesn’t usually make an astrological appearance is the importance of your appearance (see what we did there) in the star signs in June. How you present yourself physically and mentally will make a huge difference on how successful your month will be. It’s going to be pretty successful whatever you do, but make a little effort and you are in for a real treat. Everything looks pretty great on the love front too for lucky Cancerians. You have the seventh house in your sign so the world wants to be your best friend… or lover. Get cosy and enjoy the attention.


Leo horoscope


There is not a lot of action on the job front in June, not in a bad way, the stars just suggest using your time on personal projects rather than being all about your work. Whatever you do focus on this month will see great results though as the planets line up in your favour. It’s a slow burn on the financial front but you’ll see those big charter tips come back in by the end of the month so don’t panic. It might be worth putting some of your hard earned cash into an investment or charity donation too. The stars show either option will reap good results. Your health sees a massive improvement this month and you will have bucket loads of energy to keep up with the Med Season. Keep those fluids (not just wine or beer) up and the new hydrated you will be unstoppable. Leo’s should definitely think Netflix and Chill in June, don’t push new relationships, hang out with those you like and let relationships blossom in their own time. Things look pretty great for you in the bedroom department, but its not a month for making big relationship decisions, so for the lions already in a love match… don’t even think about any of the big questions until way into July!

Virgo horoscope

For Virgos in June, your career is top priority and domestic issues take a back seat. If you have been indecisive lately about what you want to do, then now is the time that the mists will clear and you’ll be able to decide, for sure, what you really want. Be strong and you won’t even need to fall back on your cheeky personality to get what you want! With everything looking tip top on the job front, you’ll automatically see improvements financially. Changing up your job role will see the cash flooding in, just beware that what comes up, occasionally fails miserably and sinks to the bottom of the ocean, so keep a little back and don’t splurge everything on partying. The first couple of weeks of June might bring a few health issues, however it is also a great time for toning up and dropping a few pounds if you are so inclined. The stars predict a spot of food poisoning that ticks both those two boxes, so be careful what you eat off the boat. Those cheap bar snacks might not be as appetising as you think. Uranus and Neptune in retrograde dominates your love life this month. For single Virgos this isn’t the best news and you won’t see much happening in June. Although with the season really kicking off, keeping young, free and single could be a very good move! Those yachting couples might also be struggling to decide if carrying on a relationship on board is such a great idea. Its all because of the planets being in retrograde so take this time to decide if being the superyacht equivalent to Brangelina is really worth it!

 Libra horoscope


Man, your scales are not balanced at all this month. You have some major changes happening on your chart with planets whizzing around all over the place. Lucky for you one of the strongest changes is in your House of Careers, so expect great things by midsummer on June 21stYour career success relies on everything being cool on the home front, so if you do get wind of anything kicking off at home, fire-fight that argument down asap to maintain a happy life on board. Your heath is good at the beginning of the month but a little risky towards the end of June. Make sure you get lots of sleep (yeah right!) when you can. Probably a big ask though because June is going to be one of your best party months with fun and personal joy making a big appearance in the stars! Your love and work life are completely entwined in June so expect on board dalliances and inappropriate work based crushes. Just be aware that a previous relationship could be a source of embarrassment if you are not careful.

Scorpio horoscope


A slower burn for Scorpios in June means that after a frustrating start, work perks up by the end of June. Compromise when you can and work with team-mates, not against them to make sure everything is on the right track before the end of the month. The stars suggest you give yourself a health makeover in June. De-clutter your life and throw away the unnecessary crap you hide away in your already cramped cabin. Then de-clutter your diet and try a healthy eating week or two and cleanse your colon baby! You’ll reap huge benefits that will also effect your work and family life. June looks good financially for Scorpios. So much so, that if you have any business projects in limbo or ideas up your sleeve, now is the time to go for it. Your chart also says if you help others financially you will see the rewards multiple times over, so if someone could you a helping hand. Be that person and put your hand in your pocket! Exotic places and new people are all over your love life in June. Jump at the chance of any new destinations and don’t be shy if you meet some new friends on your travels. There is also a hint at meeting people in an educational environment. So if you have any training booked in watch out!!!

Sagittarius horoscope


Go against the gain and try to be a little less independent this month. You need a bunch of you to work together to succeed. It’s a good time for planning your next career move and it looks like you’ll have a busy work month in June. Your social life will also be hectic this month, hardly surprising with some great crew events happening at the moment. The stars say you’ll be hanging out with the cool kids so have fun! Single Sagittarians will find love opportunities around every corner and first dates have every chance for success. Your health needs a little attention for the next few weeks. Try not to burn the candle at both ends and if you get the chance for a quick detox, take it! Check yourself if you feel a fiery outburst brewing. Getting worked up about something will just frustrate you and will kick your immune system too, allowing all sorts of minor bugs to take hold. Happy mind equals happy body! Your finances will be in excellent shape in June. You might want to clear any credit cards as you’ll have lots of spare cash and supporting a friend’s great idea could turn into a very profitable venture.

 Capricorn horoscope


Its all about work for Capricorns in June. If you are senior crew drowning in recruitment challenges, worry not because you will find exactly who you need to complete the team. Any Capricorns still looking for work need to attend any events they hear of and be super social as work opportunities will present themselves in social settings. Money can be made this month by giving the very best service you can. Be that to your owner, captain or the guests. The stars speak of a bonus at the end of the month and great tips if you keep the service levels at 7 star. Romance strikes in the last place you would think for those single and strong-headed goats out there. Partners and families of Capricorns already in a relationship will butt heads so try not to let it stress you out. If any of you are married, a child could be on the horizon so make sure that’s what you want and plan accordingly. Health wise you are in great shape this June, keep doing what you are doing, get rest when you can and look forward to an energetic month where you can push your fitness routine to the next level if you are so inclined.

Aquarius horoscope


It’s finally time to get that all-important praise for a job well done this month, so if you have been feeling under appreciated, hold out and you’ll get a pat on the back. Single Aquarians and those in yachting couples will all have a good chance of finding work if you are out dock walking each day. Keep an eye on your mental health in June. Family matters may take some dealing with and if you are not careful could affect your work. Don’t let things slide and everything will be fine. If your family is happy you are happy so try and keep it that way. June will find Aquarians at the top of their game. You’ll be bursting with energy, have some of your best ideas and your natural optimism will help to keep crew mates going as you all enter the busiest time of the year. You might find you have a small issue with overseas transactions taking longer than expected, don’t fret, the money is coming. Romance is set to smouldering in June, just watch out for bad influences, you’ll be particularly attracted to them this month… Keep things light and fluffy for the first half of the month and you may be committing to someone special at the end of June.

 Pisces horoscope


Family and friends take precedence over your job in June and it is exactly what you want. There is an air of success if you are looking for work, but you may not be sure it really is the perfect job for you. Casual hook ups are everywhere in June, but true love may be hard to find. Who has time for that mid season, hey? Be careful if you are having fun and be nice to everyone you meet. One of them might pop back up later in the year as a serious love interest. You are in the money for at least the first two weeks of June, but don’t splash the cash too much because it dwindles towards the end of the month. Don’t make any major financial decisions and you’ll get through it no worries. Watch your health and relax as much as you can. If you don’t get some rest by mid June you will suffer. Lighter impact sports are best and if its your thang, getting some yoga in to chill the mind and the body will do you the world of good.

……Have a great June and we’ll see you next month!

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