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We have spent all month mapping the stars and consulting various crystal balls to bring you a glimpse of what the month of May has in store for you! Introducing YACHTOSCOPE, your friendly yachtie fortune teller. Obviously we are confident in our mystic abilities, but we would love some feedback from you guys at the end of the month to see just how accurate we were!

Aries horoscope

A Mercury retrograde finally leaves your sign in early May. Thank god! This means your med season game plan should come together. Play your cards right and you’ll make great progress in your career this month! The planets are out there helping you to make right decisions and hint that there is money to be made while holidaying, which signal some whopping tips to be had. Nice!

Taurus horoscope

Get ready for emotional May all you stubborn bulls out there. Your yachtlife is going to pack a punch in the face this month, but there is scope to make a heap of cash. If you’re a single Taurean then its all about finding the funny guy this month. Maybe you should head to the engine room and see if the beardy guy can make you laugh.

Gemini horoscope

Your season will get off to a great start this year with strong support for your career. If you’re part of a yachtie couple though, watch out… Turbulent times ahead! However you manage to be your usual charming self and everyone else thinks you are great!

Cancer horoscope

Its important you stand on your own two feet in May. So, no giving all the crappy jobs to the green crew, be flexible and work with the team. Do this and you’ll be rolling in tips, happy and healthy and the signs say you might even have a harmonious boat for a few weeks. How rare!

Leo horoscope

Less lion and more like raging rhino for you this month if you want to achieve anything. Be proactive and strong and it will be a good work month. The stars predict success in overseas adventures so maybe its time to try a new location this season…

Virgo horoscope

If you want to raise through the ranks and bag that senior crew position this season, then you need to work on your social game with fellow crew. They will be the ones who can help you achieve your goals. Watch out for your love relationships. If you’re a yachtie couple your other half may not like you being the boss, or if you are doing the long distance thang, then you will find you have even less time for each other during May.

Libra horoscope

You just get it right this month. Your work/play balance is tip top and even if you have a large one in the Blue Lady or Rascasse, the hangover won’t get you sacked just yet… The money situation isn’t quite as great, so if a loved one offer some support take it. It’s the price you pay for buying the good, sulphite and hangover free drinks when you went out partying.

Scorpio horoscope

Success is everywhere
in May. If you are looking for work and are panicking, don’t. You’ll get that job this month! You might still be a bit strapped for cash until the first pay check comes in, but the good news is that your love life is going to be tip top, so tip top in fact, be careful… Romance and fertility feature heavily in your astrology chart at the moment!

Sagittarius horoscope

Suck it up and find that compromise. If you want to get it right this month, you need to try harder to really see results. If you are looking for work get applying and don’t give up. The stars hint at some global travel on the horizon so maybe your yacht will be heading somewhere new this season. If you have found love then you are in for a treat in May. If you haven’t, then you’ll spend the whole month trying to work out who you are actually interested in.

Capricorn horoscope

Expect plain sailing this month on board, don’t go rocking the boat. You don’t need to… Especially when you realise your finances need a bit of a turn down. All you free and single Capricorn yachties will be charming the pants off everyone you meet. Make sure you actually want to see them naked before you go too far, and don’t spend all your well-earned tips on boozy nights out. Your body is craving some decent exercise and a healthy dinner.

Aquarius horoscope

Definitely a party month for you lovely Aquarians. Couples especially enjoy living it large together, however all this fun will dip into those hard earned wages. Your health demands you relax in between the 97 crew events you will be invited to this month, but if there are any table setting or chef competitions to enter, jump right in as your creativity is set to max in May.

Pisces horoscope

It’s a planning month for the typical Pisces. If you are looking for work, think about your strategy, if you are happy on your current boat, then make sure you are season ready. Money is going to be very easy to come by, so that first charter should be generous. The stars say your love life however, is going to be more complicated than embarking on an affair with the Captain.

 ….Much love and see you next month!

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