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We hope your July was as fabulous as we predicted, and not too gruelling for those that had a less than marvellous month lined up! August is a brand new month, full of glittering possibilities for us all……so let’s see what is in store…..

Aries zodiac

Aries. Mar 20 – Apr 20.

Once again Aries, things are looking good for you; work, love and health are all going well. The only thing to avoid this month is social networking and falling out with friends but who needs friends when you’re healthy, rich and in love? Just be nice and avoid parties where you might end up the butt of the joke or joking about someone’s butt.

Taurus zodiac

Taurus. Apr 20 – May 21.

You’re an independent bull, but not this month. Most of the planets are in the Western sector towards the decadent signs and you know what that means… oh you don’t? Well it means this month you’ll need to rely on the kindness of others to be successful. You’re not gonna want to do this as Mars is in Taurus making you more stubborn than ever but just let people help you. Love’s looking pretty good though, you’ll be all romantic up until the 23rd, then who knows?

Gemini zodiac

Gemini. May 21 – Jun 21.

Things… aren’t great, it’s still slow going for Geminis BUT love, love will be great from the 17th, so hold on till then, it’ll be worth it. Yachtie couples are going to have some great times with a relationship stronger than ever so that’ll be good, not so good for the crew in the cabin next door though.

Cancer zodiac

Cancer. Jun 21 – Jul 23.

It looks as if your July spending spree is continuing into August, you’re all about the luxury items and spoiling your friends with extra drinks. There are signs something may change – you might join a new crew or end a voyage, don’t forget to keep in touch with everyone. You’re a love magnet this month so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding new company even if you’re just out of a previous relationship, you can be such a scandalous crab sometimes!

Leo zodiac

Leo. Jul 23 – Aug 23.

Decision time. This is the month to makes some changes and it’s all about you. You won’t be needing any assistance in August, it’s time to be a bold lion. Use your animal instincts to go out and get what you want. Being such a confident leader this month will also encourage friends and family to go out and do the same. Since it’s all about you in August, if you currently have a romantic partner, they may feel a little neglected, better make it up to them in September. If you’re single, you may find love from someone you already know, how exciting?!

Virgo zodiac

Virgo. Aug 23 – Sep 23.

Call your Libra friends, it’s time to learn how to balance things. Every aspect of your life will need equal attention, it’ll take a lot of will power but you’re gonna have to be nice to everyone whether they’re your superiors, your friends or your family. Next time you’re on land don’t forget to message your parents with ‘yeah i’m alright’ about a week after they text you so they’ll really feel the love. The virgin may be your sign’s symbol but you aint actin’ like no virgin this month, hooking fellow crew in with your charms with no promise of commitment, you’re bad but you’re fun.

Libra zodiac

Libra. Sep 23 – Oct 23.

You’ll be coming down from the high of July, you had your fun but August is about getting things sorted. Just because you have important things to do it doesn’t mean you’re not gonna have a great time this month. The presence of Jupiter and Venus in your zodiac sign will make sure that you’ll be showered with the all the best stuff in life. Your love-life is looking interesting, you’ll be finding people to hook up with but there won’t be too many feelings involved, sounds like you might want to talk to some Virgos as that’s exactly what they’re down for this month.

Scorpio zodiac

Scorpio. Oct 23 – Nov 22.

You’re feeling independent and it’s raining money, you’re influential and popular this month. Scorpions will be very socially active in August, spending a lot of time at parties and gatherings. You may a have a fight or two with current friends and your over-spending might cause a rift with a partner but you’re feeling pretty great right now so don’t let them get you down. If you’re single, stay away from Virgos and Libras cos you’re looking for real love and they’re just looking for fun.

Sagittarius zodiac

Sagittarius Nov 22 – Dec 22

Forecasts for Sagittarius are looking pretty similar to last month. Your career will be moving along nicely while your friends and family moan at you for spending too much time focusing on your job, as if creating an unpleasant environment is going to make you want to spend more time with them… There is hope though, you may find a soulmate in someone you’ve known for a long time – so you can hide from your friends with them until they get over your neglect and like you again.

Capricorn zodiac

Capricorn Dec 23 – Jan 20

Everything is all over the place in August, you’re looking at a month full of unrest and uncertainty but only if you look at it negatively. August is all about spontaneity so just go with it, Capricorn’s symbol is a sea-goat after all, no one has a more random life than a goat that can swim – because of its massive fish tail. The only thing that the stars can predict this month is that your life is seeming unpredictable, it’s rare to get to carve your own destiny so go for it, your chances at love are strong so you might want to start there. Scorpios are looking for someone this month, might you be their special someone?

Aquarius zodiac

Aquarius Jan 20 – Feb 18

You were feeling a little down in July, but August has come to save you. You’re super ambitious this month – be cautious though, the planets are against you again, except Mercury, good ole Mercury is here to save the day and help you be creative. There’s some drama going on at home, best to stay out of it, message them saying ‘no signal on the yacht, soz’ and leave them to it. Don’t rush love in August, focus on career and ignoring your family.

Pisces zodiac

Pisces Feb 18 – Mar 20

Once again you find yourself letting others lead the way, August isn’t a very independent month for you but fish are used to working together and staying as a pack. Things will work out towards the end of the month and you can have some control back so don’t be too disheartened. You’ll also find yourself with some romantic options at the end of August so it’s worth being patient as there are plenty of fish in the sea, or on the sea, on a yacht, with you.

That’s it for another month. Have a great August guys!

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