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YACHTNEEDS port search, shipyard search, crew search, business search



Search the YACHTNEEDS app for:

Over 600+ Ports and Marinas globally and find their information

Over 24,000+ services and suppliers locally or world wide

Chat LIVE to other crew

Search for crew deals and discounts

Apply for dozens of jobs globally

YACHTNEEDS, the only superayacht app you will ever need!

YACHTNEEDS crew search, port search, shipyard search




Find any port, shipyard, crew member or service  you need by searching the search bar menu (top) you can even type in a keyword or simply click ‘CREW’ on the bottom left for a list of categories.






YACHTNEEDS categorie search


If you selected ‘CREW’, then choose the department you need and search the services by distance from your location or your next port of call. SIMPLE…….







YACHTNEEDS crew rating and services



Choose your preferred service or look at other crews ratings. Select the service you need and, VOILÀ.

Had a brilliant experience from a service on the YACHTNEEDS app? Well……what are you waiting for, rate it out of 5 stars!






YACHT NEEDS business, favourite your preferred service




In seconds, you can contact the services by, phone, email, visit their website, all social media, or view their PDF brochure. It couldn’t be easier…..24,000+ services in your pocket.






YACHT NEEDS crew search, chat live




If all thats not enough…..use YACHTNEEDS social side and chat to thousands of crew in any port or marina around the globe.





YACHT NEEDS job search and profile editor



Looking for a job? Search dozens of jobs all on the YACHTNEEDS app. Simply press the 3 bar menu (top right) to access your personal settings. Here you can edit your profile.






YACHT NEEDS profile, upload PDF documents




Now’s the time to sell the heck out of yourself. In your personal profile, add images, add PDF or WORD docs, add references, certificates, social media links. All this info gets sent to Captains and agents once you hit APPLY.

If you have TO MUCH to say about yourself (we hope you do) then go to, login, fill out your profile online, apply via the website, and the app will sync automatically.



“We told you so”!

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