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Created by the Monegasque State earlier this year, The MonacoTech Incubator & Accelerator Programs for startups under the direction of Fabrice Marquet, chose only 15 companies to be welcomed into the MonacoTech family. We are very happy to announce that YACHTNEEDS was chosen for this very exclusive and coveted opportunity.

What does this mean for the future of YachtNeeds? Let’s ask Tony Stout, founder of everyone’s favourite superyacht app!

What does MonacoTech do?

MonacoTech provide start-ups and small businesses with opportunities to network with other like-minded and useful businesses. MonacoTech’s main goal is to support the creation of innovative projects through a network, including business angels, venture capitalists, banks and other players, and to provide a dynamic ecosystem that benefits everyone.

How does this benefit YACHTNEEDS members?

Networking with other innovative and industry-changing companies will most definitely improve our future app updates and keep our tech fresh and creative. Plus, we will be having discussions about the superyacht industry with the other members of MonacoTech which in turn could bring further investment and expertise into our marketplace. 

YachtNeeds at MonacoTech

What was involved in the application and selection process?

We had been selected from more than 50 applicants from different countries and very diverse industries: from biotech to AI. We had to go through 3 different rounds of selections, then present our business plan in front of a jury, with whom we discussed our vision and the plan. It was a great privilege to have the opportunity to talk about our project with people like Frederic Genta, Industry head of Google France, and Nicholas Brunel, Investment Manager of the Group Arnault.

Tell us about the other companies involved?

It is a very diverse group of companies, we are now 20 teams, of which 17 companies are in the early stages of the start up life, and two (one of which is YACHTNEEDS) that are in the accelerating stage.

The other companies work in very diverse fields, from wealth management to medical, internet to veterinary. It is an amazing combination of international talents, with people from Canada, Israel, Germany and so on…..take a look at what they are all about…..

Nanotek Materials logo


Nanotek Materials – Sustainable Construction Industrial Solutions

Their mission is to make the technologies of tomorrow the sustainable building blocks of today. Nanotek Materials exists to connect international scientists to global problems and develop green solutions within the construction industry.


Kee System logo


KeeSystem – Wealth Management Solutions

KeeSystem offers an innovative solution to simplify wealth management (independent wealth manager, family offices and private banks). 



TerraIOT logo

TerraioT – Large-scale IoT Solutions

TerraioT is dedicated to utilizing human behavior as part of the complete IOT solution and converting every cellular phone into an intelligent sensor.


YouStock logo YouStock – Storage Made Simple

YouStock is an application for ordering storage boxes of all sizes, storing unused items and storing them in secure premises for a specified period without moving from home. 



Gangz logo

Gangz – Talent Digital Agency

Gangz is the first DIGITAL booking agency for models, hostesses and extras.


Novetech Surgery logo

Novetech Surgery – Innovative surgery for veterinarians

NOVETECH SURGERY™ provides veterinarians with a range of medical implants and equipment for orthopedic surgery based on years of experience.



Laneva Boats logo

Laneva Boats – Electric and connected boats

Design, build and market 100% electric boats designed with the utmost comfort and safety.



pHyg logo

PHYG – Medical device for preservation of the graft

PHYG is an intelligent surgical device that allows Hypothermic Preservation of the kidney graft at the time of transplantation.


Coraliotech logo

Coraliotech – Technology products based on corals

Coraliotech, a biotechnology company, whose main objective is to produce, develop and develop active substances from the marine world, in particular corals.


Linkyourleisure logo

Linkyourleisure – The new social leisure network

With this app you can look at your friends’ photos and when you like a leisure activity, organise it and share your photos, in turn, on your social networks.

Teale logo

Teale – Data Driven Energy Efficiency

Teale is a one-stop energy management company providing a range of cross-functional services from data acquisition and analysis, to the formulation of corrective actions, to help owners/operators of buildings commercial and industrial customers to save on energy bills and move towards sustainability.


CIEL logo

CIEL – Airship drones

CIEL markets or rents airship drones.

Hyve logo

Hyve – Event ticketing mobile application

Hyve is a mobile event ticketing application. Thanks to its innovative technology, Internet users can buy, exchange and also resell tickets in complete tranquility.



Surgisafe logo

Surgisafe – Smart suction cannula

Surgisafe designs, develops and sells Tamanoir, a unique medical device at low cost.

Can you reveal any plans for YACHTNEEDS App updates that you will be working on at MonacoTech?

We are working on many different projects, all meant to help crew, captains and owners be more efficient and take the highest advantage of what the current technological revolution is preparing for the future. So, stay tuned!

How long does the MonacoTech program last?

We have now signed the agreement for the first year, and it’s renewable, so there is no deadline so far.

Life after MonacoTech – What do you envisage for YACHTNEEDS in the future?

We are already working on the expansion of our team and territorial coverage, looking into opening a few other YACHTNEEDS entities around the globe. The heart of  YACHTNEEDS will always remain in Monaco, but being digital goes hand in hand with being global, and this is the direction that we are travelling in.



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