Winter festivities are coming! Eat, drink, be merry and party it up this December! Who knows what the month will bring? Well, I know because I tell your horoscopes but you won’t find out……unless you scroll on down. Happy holidays everyone!


Aries. Mar 20 – Apr 20.

The PLANETARY POWER is in the northern half of the horoscope with most of the planets there meaning that your career will be very important this month, weird how the planets get together to decide the fate of your career like that. So much prosperity for you in December Aries, Mars is on your side, don’t you worry. You may find love in the work place, seems pretty likely anyway considering your profession. Above all other people, you will be fascinated by intellectuals this month, let’s hope they’re not so smart they realise they could do better… joking, of course…


Taurus. Apr 20 – May 21.

Once again career is important that you’re keeping things balanced, or trying to at least. Apparently you’re getting all spiritual this month, maybe to keep you focused on all the tasks and obligations that need your attention. Your love life is still looking bountiful Taurean singles and it’s good or bad news for Taurean couples: your fertility is higher than usual so watch out or don’t, depending on your desired outcome.


Gemini. May 21 – Jun 21.

Yeah… you’re gonna be ignoring your family again this month, well for most of it, you’ll probably have to make an appearance at Christmas. You’re usually independent and determined but now isn’t the time. You’ll need others to assist you at work sometimes, remember to help them too. Your social life is looking great, you’ll be attending your share of holiday parties and the brilliant news is that the sun, Venus and Mars are all ruling planets when it comes to your love life so you’ll be a real hit at the upcoming social functions. The sun is on your side, and just like the sun you’ll be the biggest star at all the the parties.


Cancer. Jun 21 – Jul 23.

The time has come to see how crabs can adapt to different environments and situations whilst using their social skills. Your love life will be absolutely dynamic this month, that’s something to look forward to. The one you’re looking for will be financially stable, maybe try for an Aries, their wealth is ever-growing this month and put some glasses on – they’re only into intellectuals in December. If you are currently in a relationship, things are going to get heated (in a bad way) but all will be settled towards the end of the month. Maybe it’s a Christmas miracle, maybe it’s just snuggling together for warmth, it is winter after all.


Leo. Jul 23 – Aug 23.

You’ll have to get your control issues in check, for this is a month to go with the flow. Other people come first in December, don’t forget it. First priority is your loved ones this month and your second priority is fun and entertainment! You’ll be partying all the way up to December 21st with your pals Venus and Jupiter making sure you have all the love interests you need to make it through the holidays. Its important to remember to give back this December.


Virgo. Aug 23 – Sep 23.

No need to rush, things will happen at their own pace in December. Team work is still important so continue your efforts from November and be flexible and giving… when it it comes to career, or whatever else you think that might apply to. Social skills are important in the coming month which is fortunate as you always keep those skills sharp, seeing as you’re generally very popular. Your love-life is blooming, but you’re not committing to anyone. Beware: the chance of pregnancy is up this month, being a pregnant Virgin may fit well with the theme of December but may seem like a bad idea once next month rolls around. So don’t forget to wrap up warm for winter and keep your motto of: no glove no love.


Libra. Sep 23 – Oct 23.

It’s a good thing your sign is all about balance because you’ll need to be balancing between all priorities this month, whilst being flexible with what life will throw at you. You will also be weighing up what is important to you. Have you made that decision you were mulling over about your career? Love life: You’re back! You’ve climbed out of the ditch of bad relationships and hopped aboard a love boat, who’s boat it is you may not know, or remember in the morning… but good for you for putting yourself back out there! Libras in a yachtie couple be warned: there will be some dicey waters ahead but the movement of the planet Mars means you’ll get it sorted by the 10th.


Scorpio. Oct 23 – Nov 22.

Looks like you’re back in control and the universe is leaving you to it for the time being. You can handle things alone but it’s always handy to get cooperation from others when you can. Scorpios are always seeking satisfaction in their careers, this month may come with a chance or two to change things around and gain some of that job fulfilment you’ve been looking for. You’re looking for an intellectual when it comes to love but maybe what you need is someone who can communicate and is a caring and generous person. So you can go ahead and demonstrate how generous and giving you can be too…


Sagittarius Nov 22 – Dec 22.

It’s all about your family again, not surprising during the winter holidays. While you do care for your family and friends, you can take some time to focus on yourself, what is it that you want this December? You’re feeling a little spiritual this month which could be the influence of Jupiter, or y’know, the many religious holidays that occur during December. Romance is back on the table but remember to push it down to one end so everyone can still eat there. Your charm will attract many a suitor this winter. In a yachtie couple? Well you may have a fight early on in the month but the following weeks will be perfect, or as good as it gets.


Capricorn Dec 23 – Jan 20.

It’s all about paying attention to each priority this month. So not only are you at the circus because you’re a goat with a fish tail but everyone’s expecting you to do a balancing act as well. Your career, family and self care all need attention, so don’t drop those balls you have in the air, the consequences could be disastrous. You will however be compensated for your time spent worrying about it all with a nice array of love opportunities. Let’s hope you can juggle, balance a plate on your head and flirt all at the same time.


Aquarius Jan 20 – Feb 18.

When will you stop working? You crazy ambitious water-carrying weirdo. You do continue to be successful but it might be an idea to take a break every now and then. Saturn is in your house of love which will induce some caution when it comes to looking for a partner. Allow things to happen slowly. Even in yachtie couples, you should be putting some thought into where you want things to go, no rushing necessary. Going to a Christmas party? You might just get lucky there and find yourself someone to spend the cold winter nights with.


Pisces Feb 18 – Mar 20.

Same again, same as always, you’re focused on your career. You can achieve your goals by using some of that confidence you keep inside, whip it out, everyone wants to see your confidence… As always things are looking unpredictable in your love life Pisces. You’re looking for a supportive partner when it comes to love, the best place to find someone compatible is in the work place. Luckily your work is your life so look no further for the person of your dreams.

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