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How many of you have failed to 100% accurately log your hours of rest this season?

With crew exhaustion listed as one of the main issues facing busy charter yachts in 2017, it’s about time that the issue of logging and monitoring hours of rest was addressed, not simply for the safety of the yacht, but for the health and wellbeing of the modern yachtie.

Why aren’t accurate logs being kept?

It’s hard to point to a single reason why accurate logs aren’t being kept, but the guys we’ve spoken to at workrest have identified a lack of suitable solutions for crew to log hours as one of the main factors.

They spoke with Michael Colley, Second Mate, 73m motor yacht; who described his experience using other hours of rest solutions. “Most of the crew find it a pain to log into and also the system not logging their hours like they say they have.”

Why will an app solve the problem?

The team at Workrest app believe the solution lies in the ability for crew to log hours on personal devices.

Offering crew a single way to log their hours of rest on a static computer, shared by multiple people is like asking all car owners to fill up at the same service station. It’s hugely inconvenient.

Enabling you to log hours on personal devices, empowers you to log hours far more regularly at a time and a place that suits you. Great!

Workrest comparison screen

So why workrest?

So, workrest is more than just an app to log hours of rest (explainer video), and the whole process from sign-up to signing off hours can be done in a matter of seconds.

Handy shortcuts have been created for the most common uses of the app, such as logging frequently used work profiles, giving the user a great sense of achievement at having completed their hours of rest in such a short amount of time.

Users are more likely to enter hours more frequently as a result of the ease of use, resulting in more accurate record keeping, which in turn gives better real-time information to captains and heads of departments. Rudi van Velzen, Chief Mate, SY Seahawk explained, “I like it and so does my crew. We dig all the different profiles that you can pre-set. Makes it super efficient for the boys on deck doing early or lates.”


How to get started?


With over 12,000 hours logged each day via the app by some of the most prestigious yachts in the industry, you’ll be in good company at workrest.


You can get started with workrest for free today across all devices now from the app store, android store or online at


Work rest app on mobile and laptop screen example



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