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Superyacht audio visual and security systems remain a top priority for owners and charter guests in 2019. In the current climate guests are reassured by the latest intelligent security features and will often book a charter dependant on the systems in place,

In this age of instant gratification superyacht owners and charter guests not only expect the very latest internal and external music systems piped throughout the yacht and with solid bluetooth connections. They also demand cinema standard film and television equipment with unparalleled sound quality and instant access to the latest films, music and streamable content.

Movie theatre with film icon showing Techno System

TechnoGroup which consists of partner companies TechnoSystems and TechnoSolutions are one of the finest engineering and system integration companies providing procurement, installation, training, and post installation services for superyacht A/V, lighting and security networks.

With over two decades of experience working with Ultra High Net Worth Individuals both on board their yachts and at their luxury villas, TechnoGroup understands the nuances and etiquette of working within the superyacht community.

In this video Boris Sparfel, Yacht project Coordinator at TechnoGroup explains one of their unique products SOLSYS, an open media control system and how the user experience is their top priority.

Both the owners and staff come from a marine background and the company continually invests in research and development to make sure the team has access to the very latest technologies and training. This in turn allows TechnoGroup to provide mind blowing, cutting edge solutions for their clients.

From artificial intelligence, custom designed user interfaces and automation systems for interior controls, to the latest 8K screens, interactive lighting systems and smooth sounds like you have never heard before, TechnoGroup will make sure your future proof systems integrate seamlessly with minimal disruption during installation.

MY Illusion Plus Superyacht

Design and engineering

The in-house design team take inspiration from detailed architectural drawings so your yacht will not only be equipped with the most up to date networks available, the install will be space efficient and either invisible or aesthetically pleasing, depending on your requirements.

Designs are created for clients to be able to easily visualise the end result, and are always based around a perfect user experience. The team considers both the Captains and crew who will be operating the systems on a daily basis and the owner or guest enjoying the delivery, and will make sure every need is accommodated.

Project Management and Consultation

TechnoGroup prides themselves on co-ordinating complex projects across multiple continents whilst making sure that Captains and owners can relax and trust that there will be no surprises. Components are sourced and then shipped centrally for rigorous testing before qualified technicians and engineers begin the pre-approved installation process. This allows busy charter yachts such as Motor Yacht Loon to integrate and upgrade systems with no disruption to their schedule and happy Captain equals happy owner.

Each project will have a designated project manager who oversees every detail from start to finish and gives you one point of contact for any questions you might have. Every single superyacht system is pre-built, configured and thoroughly tested at one of the groups international testing centres so that before it even leaves the facility it is fully functioning and labelled for easy, problem free re-assembly on board.

Motor Yacht Loon with FunAir Yacht Slide and Sea Pool

With offices in America, France and Italy TechnoGroup can quickly assist you in person or via phone or email. They also have exceptional after care services and can provide technical support and spare parts at a moments notice.

Please contact TechnoGroup for all your audio visual and security needs on board and we promise you won’t be disappointed.

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