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Smart luggage… Now we like the sound of that. Self tracking, mobile phone charging luggage that weighs itself. WOW!

Several members of the YACHTNEEDS team have been without luggage for a few days this year because checked bags have been ‘mislaid’.

This writer now packs a ridiculous amount of items in her hand luggage so that should a woman and her bags be separated, she can still look reasonably presentable for a days or two while everything is reunited.

In the following article, written by Edith Hancock for Business Insider, you can fall in love with a whole new concept in luggage that makes even the most arduous of trips home or away, simply better…

Raden smart luggage in white

“Flying is always stressful, and trying to cope with size and weight restrictions on luggage doesn’t help.

Fortunately, there’s a suitcase on the market that can weigh itself.

American luggage company Raden recently launched a line of smart, self-weighing suitcases, which are due to be sold in the UK this month.

The cases work alongside a free app that pairs with your suitcase via bluetooth and provides current weather conditions, traffic alerts, case location and details on your flight, making it easier to plan your next trip and get through the airport with ease. The suitcase also charges your phone on the go.

Raden’s suitcases come in two sizes — the larger A28 Check case which retails at £340 ($419) — and the $295 (£200) A22 Carry which is small enough to fit in the overhead storage bin (and on offer for £250 ($308)). A set of two costs £510 ($629).

Collour range for Raden smart luggage

The New York-based company, which launched in 2013, has recently made its suitcases available for international purchases on, and will be stocked in Selfridges in London from November 25.

Here’s how it works…

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