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Remember when you were a kid watching Star Wars thinking about how cool it would be to have a droid to follow you around? Well now you can… kind of. We’re not at C-3PO level yet but imagine R2-D2 or a more recent one like BB-8, but this time it can fly. You’ve seen drones, you’ve seen flying selfie cameras but this is a whole new level.

Skydio R1 is similar to the quadcopter drones that you already know but with the Skydio you don’t need a controller to move it around, all you need is an app on your phone to send it upwards and the Skydio will do the rest.

skydio r1 drone camera selfie

You can programme your Skydio to follow you from behind, lead in front of you, orbit around you or stay stationary as if it were on a tripod.

What’s better than one camera? That’s right, 13 cameras, the Skydio R1 has 13 cameras to capture footage from every angle at the same time. And what quality do they shoot in? Why 4K of course!

The cameras can map out the area the Skydio is flying in so that it won’t crash into any obstacles. It can also use recognition software so that it won’t lose track of you if other people are in the area.


‘These features are great but what do I need one for?’ You may be asking yourself. Well, you can film yourself doing many sports and get angles you could never achieve with any other camera and you can do it alone, no one else needs to control the camera. Imagine you’ve got some time to take the jet-skis out on the water or you need to ‘test’ the tender before the guests arrive, perhaps your owner wants some family footage whilst out on their Schiller Water Bikes. Imagine how cool it would be to post videos from awesome angles without having to rely on someone else to keep a steady hand on the drone controller.

skydio r1 drone camera selfie

The Skydio is undeniably cool and years ahead of the competition, you can launch it from your hand and just flick up on the app, it’s that simple. The footage it captures is ready to go as soon as the Skydio descends so you don’t need to mess around with video editing software or take it home and put it on your computer first.

Find out more at Skydio’s website:

See the Skydio R1 in action below.

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