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Take high quality pictures and footage of your underwater adventures with this amazing underwater drone. This little guy can even explore the places you find it difficult to get to, enabling you to get incredible shots and discover new treasures! Jake Adams tells us more in this article from Reef Builders…….

“After several years of continued success in the realm of underwater exploration, the OpenROV Trident is giant leap ahead for what basically is the first mass-market underwater drone. You’ve probably heard of aerial drones taking over the news and causing havoc all over the country, but the underwater space was much harder to explore, until now.

We love remotely operated vehicles here on Reef Builders but the OpenROV Trident looks like the first device of its kind that many of us could consider buying and using. The OpenROV was the first truly affordable ROV for the masses, with an open source hardware and software architecture that inspired a flourishing community of developers to contribute to the project.”

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