Are you ready for a new concept in towable watersports? We thought so! Just imagine gracefully flying underwater (or at least feeling like you are), doing tricks, gliding in whichever direction you please, and generally feeling like a total boss under the surface of the big blue. Subwing is the toy for the job. It is made up of 2 wings which are attached but move independently of each other. You hold onto these wings, one hand on each, whilst being towed through the water. Steering this bad boy is as easy as tilting the wings in different directions to go left or right, or tilting both up or down to resurface or dive deeper!

Man doing underwater roll on a Subwing

The optimum speed for towing the Subwing is 2-4 knots, which is plenty fast underwater to make you feel like you’re flying. The Subwing can be towed by any kind of motorized water vehicle and the speed mentioned is perfect to allow you to take in all of the underwater delights on your adventure. There is scope to tow multiple Subwings, as long as your boat is big enough, so you can teach all of your friends your new skills and show off your underwater acrobatics!

Motor boat towing a Subwing

You will of course need to come up for air every now and again, which you can do by simply tilting the wings together to take you to the surface. We are pretty sure you’ll be increasing the amount of time that you can hold your breath so that you can spend more time down there. There isn’t any rule that says you have to fully submerge yourself either, so if you prefer not to hold your breath for long, you can skim across the water surface and enjoy being towed along feeling like a mermaid/man!

Four people underwater on Subwings

Subwing is suitable for everybody as it is so easy to learn how to manoeuver and doesn’t require heaps of physical strength or any special skills. Of course, the more experienced water sporters out there can go wild with underwater gymnastics and new tricks. We are sure that many a new trick will be invented below the surface….and the possibilities are endless if you have a good imagination and get in plenty of practise. Synchronized Subwinging? Why not?!

Subwings being towed on the water surface

You can purchase accessories to accompany your Subwing. An Aqualung Sphera Mask, Subwing Bag, Subwing Rope, and our favourite……a GoPro Mount for your Subwing to ensure that you capture all kinds of golden footage whilst you are down there and then share it onto social media for all of us to admire! Find out more and start your Subwing journey here

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