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Are you ready for the next level of interior cleaning? Industry experts and well loved company Inter-Nett bring PureSpace to the table. PureSpace Yachts utilises the very latest technology to disinfect, sanitise and purify the air, fabrics and surfaces onboard. It requires zero work from you to achieve this and is 100% safe for all types of surfaces and fabrics. Well that sounds great!

John Balodis of Inter-Nett explains, “PureSpace completely neutralises bacteria and is already used extensively in hospitals in over 50 countries. The result is, organic smells are removed and areas are left sanitized.’

Superyacht bathroom PureSpace Yachts Inter-Nett cleaning

PureSpace can be used in all areas of your yacht. The process is odorless, non allergenic and totally environmentally (and human) friendly. It uses a completely dry mist that leaves no residues, and is safe for use on surfaces that include electronic devices with no risk of corrosion or oxidisation.

Using this most advanced medical hygiene technology, Inter-Nett will leave your yacht perfectly sanitised, free from unwanted smells and gets rid of 99% of bacteria, hugely reducing the likelihood of viral and hygiene issues that can arise onboard, especially when you have a packed charter schedule.

Superyacht interior PureSpace Inter-Nett cleaning

The system is also effective when it comes to mould problems and can be used on all furniture, soft furnishings, carpets and beds. Even galleys can get in on the PureSpace action as the technology has been adapted to safely purify food preparation environments, using no nasty chemicals, meaning there is zero risk of food contamination.

PureSpace Inter-Nett superyacht cleaning

Life savers, Inter-Nett are a fabric cleaning and protection company with over 28 years experience in superyacht cleaning. They have offices in Monaco, France, Spain and the Caribbean and will of course travel to your destination to deliver this superior service and take care of your specific cleaning needs.

To treat your yacht to this luxury pampering head to the Inter-Nett website  or email

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