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Giving guests unforgettable experiences during their time on your yacht is an essential part of your job, right? This amazing craft is guaranteed to give them an ocean adventure like no other, an over-water and underwater tour all in one outing. The Platypus Craft, just like it’s Australian namesake, is designed for on and under water travel.

The Platypus is a hybrid boat which consists of a central platform that is connected to the lateral floats by rocker arms……we’ll come to those in a second! There is room for 5 on this vessel, 4 passengers and 1 driver. Passengers sit astride the central platform, much like on a jet ski, and can enjoy being driven around the shallow waters of your latest yacht stop. The platypus is an ideal tender for a yacht with a unique design and excellent performance. The engine power can go up to 120 HP but ideally as a tender, Platypus Craft can provide an all-electric version with 2*10 Kw and a battery pack allowing up to 4 hours of adventure time. This electric version can be easily recharged on board.


Platypus Craft

Now, back to those rocker arms! When you decide that everyone has had their fill of sightseeing above the water, the arms gently lower the central seating platform (pod) below the surface to a depth of 2 metres. The engines remain on the surface and the outboard motors have propeller cages for safety. How do we breathe I hear you ask? The Platypus is fully equipped with an integrated double air compressor and a hookah system with 5 air hoses, totally negating the need for oxygen tanks! Revolutionary, right?! A fantastic way to explore the beauty above and below the water without having to load up on heaps of eqiupment, or even leave your seat!


There are many additional extras you can choose from to customise your Platypus. Underwater cameras, Ocean Reef masks, underwater communication system, and GPS/WiFi are all available. The design of the central hull can be customised in order to allow comfort to passengers, both above or under the surface. A Plexiglas cockpit can then be integrated in order to avoid waves and wind on surface, and protect passengers from the water pressure below the surface.


Platypus Craft Vert


Several editions of the Platypus Craft will be available soon, including specific yacht editions. We caught up with François-Alexandre Bertrand, inventor, founder and CEO of Platypus Craft, and he said:

“Beyond the tremendous design and the electric power, the platypus yacht edition can obviously transport passengers under the water, allowing crew the ability to transport people as a tender, and use the platypus to allow guests to explore shallow waters while the yacht is at anchor.”

Platypus Craft is happy to confirm its already had the first orders through for the platypus standard version with the first model being delivered in New Caledonia in April 2018. They are now looking for the first pioneer yachtsman who will purchase a platypus on their superyacht.”


Platypus Craft


This is a truly unique craft and lends itself perfectly to becoming the favourite new toy in your portfolio! To find out more about the Platypus or to show your interest in becoming that pioneer yachtsman, head to 

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