We all made paper boats when we were younger… Did you think it was amazing how you could make a little boat without using glue or tape? And did you ever think – if I could just make this bigger, I could get in and paddle away? Maybe not… but Oru Kayaks are exactly that. An Origami kayak you can sail away in, made from wicked-tough polypropylene instead of an A4 sheet of paper.

Oru folding travel kayak by the Beach

Our favourite thing about Oru Kayak is the ability to fold the whole thing away into a little box shape that you can carry around on your shoulder, or more importantly for life on a yacht… store away in a closet, hide under your cabin bed, or at the very least take up no space at all in the official storage areas. These awesome kayaks fold and store so neatly we think the whole crew could have one each, and it would still take up less space than a couple of standard kayaks.

Oru Kayak folded up on superyacht crew shoulder

For busy charter yachts, Oru Kayaks can be assembled in 3 – 15 minutes depending on the model, and they give you the option to have enough kayaks for every guest and crew-member because they fold down so small!


There’s a model to fit your preference and the Oru team have designed three types of kayak for different needs.

The Beach LT is built for recreational paddling and is perfect for day trips and casual kayaking. It’s the cheapest of the three at $1299.

The Bay ST is built for sport touring, has a few more creature comforts and is great for fishing and longer trips. This is their original model that got a big upgrade in 2017. It takes less than 10 minutes to set up and costs $1599.

The Coast XT is the most hard wearing of the three and can survive rugged expeditions and adventures. It’s a little bigger and therefore even more stable in the water, the materials are extra durable and it costs $2499.

oru kayak range

The accessories store on the Oru website is pretty cool too, you can grab a backpack to put your kayak in, a seat wedge for those with a delicate butt, a fishing kit for your rod and inflatable solar lights for your night adventures. They also sell the practical things like spare paddles and a repair kit.76

If you’re worried about the durability of Oru’s products you can watch a fun video on their website where they smash the kayak repeatedly with a hammer and it doesn’t break, they also drop one off a roof and drag another along some rocks and the product is pretty much unaffected.

Oru folding kayak by a waterfall

Oru Kayak performance is great. They’re lightweight but made from a custom polypropylene with a 10 year UV treatment so you can whiz around and not have to worry too much about hitting rocks or other boats. Except for the consequences of hitting your head on a rock, or receiving a good talking to from the Captain….

For more info or to buy an Oru Kayak visit:

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