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Is it a plane? Is it a boat? Is it a camper?……

The answer is, it’s all of the above! The MVP Aero is a Light Sport Aircraft designed for outdoor adventurers. It’s aim is to be as reliable, easy to maintain, and as simple to fly as possible!

For those of you who have active owners and guests, this could be the next little gem that sets your yacht apart from the fleet!

MVP Aero plane, light sports aircraft, versatile plane

Many parts of this plane move, fold and slide to transform into whatever you need it to be next. If someone fancies a spot of fishing they can land on the water, fold the wings, move the canopy up and back, and pop the seats onto the pedestal on the forward deck. If sunbathing is in demand, then the plane can be configured to provide space for two people to stretch out. There’s even a fitted hammock for day time chilling! When it is time to be back on board, the trolling motor allows the plane to safely dock.

MVP Aero fishing, light sport aircraft, plane,

Overnight adventures are also an option and there is no need to worry about carting a load of gear around. The MVP Aero becomes a shelter and a bed, although we doubt the mattress will be quite up to the owners standards for a full nights sleep!

MVP Aero light sport aircraft, plane, outdoor adventure

This plane can take off from smooth or rough strips, snow or ice, and water and has been made a little ‘tougher’ in places to withstand it’s action packed travels. It has comfort in mind for longer flights as well as enjoyment factor, the designers want it to be a fun plane to pilot whilst being a good looking aircraft.

Take a look at to get full details of this amazing project!

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