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This is one for all you foiling masters, as well as the wannabe foilers out there! We are pretty sure most yachts will have SUP’s or boards of some kind, well this add on will rock your world, your guests world, maybe even the owner, and almost definitely their kids!

Just in case you’ve missed the resurgence of the current surf craze, a foil is a wing, or some might say fin that fits to the underside of your board and allows you to lift right out of the water while you surf. I mean why surf, when you can fly right?

Go Foil have used the lightest Carbon Prepeg Autoclave Technology to build their foils, and the results seem to be getting everyone excited! Attach one of these fellas to your SUP or surfboard and feel the rush of flying over the water like a boss! Obviously, if you have never done this before then it will take a bit of practice but you’ll be hooked in no time!

Our friends at FunAir founder Eric and his son Nick tested the Go Foil Kai model on a custom made board from Marlon Lewis (Jimmy Lewis’s son for all you surf enthusiasts out there) and had a blast. They are both confident on a board but this was their first trip out with the foil, and as you will see they got some super sweet air thats for sure!

Go Foil, foiling


So, to start your foiling adventure, you need to get your board up to a high enough speed to lift the board off the water. This is about 4-8mph for the average person, basically the more you weigh the faster you need to go to get the lift. For seasoned foilers this can be done by paddle force and lifting the front of the board out of the water. Once you are totally out of the water you can surf waves, use downwind chop and swells to foil or glide on the water. Go Foil recommend that newbie foilers catch a tow from a boat or jetski (at a sensible speed) to get a feel of foiling, then once you’re comfortable with it, grab a paddle and the ocean is your oyster!


Go Foil


Controlling the boards lift works on the same principal as a plane, lifting the front of the board up makes it go up and pointing the front down makes it go down. Sounds simple right? We are sure you’ll have a blast figuring it out!

Check out all of the Go Foil models and start your love affair with foiling here



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