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The summer is coming to an end, hope you had a good one, if not… blame the planets! The weather may be hinting at cooling down but the stars have some hot stuff planned for you all this month it seems…


Aries. Mar 20 – Apr 20.

It’s time for change, you’ve broken the back of summer charter season… nearly… the planets are moving and it’s all about your career this month. You’ll need the help of others and you’ll be helping them too. Let’s not forget love – you’re a charismatic ram, so don’t be sheepish, now is the time to find a partner. Perhaps try a scorpio, they’re on the lookout for love this month as well…


Taurus. Apr 20 – May 21.

Mars is trying to make you bullishly aggressive this month, but you don’t need to take it. Stand up and say ‘hey Mars dude, could you… not? Like I’m just trying to chill here so… yeah thanks’.  He’ll get it. It’s okay, Pluto has your back when it comes to love. Pluto’s making sure that boat stays a-rockin’. Hook up with some Geminis, Libras and Virgos and welcome them aboard M.Y. Love Ship.


Gemini. May 21 – Jun 21.

You’re getting all emotional this month, you’re probably going to have to trust your gut in September… let’s hope it’s right. Your career is taking a backseat and you’ll want to spend time partying and throwing yourself into the dating pool… more like a dating ocean for you isn’t it gemini? More options than you know what to do with – throw no caution to the wind and get on that love boat with a taurus.


Cancer. Jun 21 – Jul 23.

Now don’t get crabby but… you have to spend some time with your family, they’re really important this month. They want to support you so give them a call. These meddling planets are gonna take you on a ride, you’re not going to have a lot of control in September but it’s best to just go along with it and see what happens. Don’t even think about love this month, you won’t have the time, even you yachtie couples will be working on your own things. Just remember to make time for each other next month.


Leo. Jul 23 – Aug 23.

As lions you always have to make time for your family, your pride, it will add to your happiness and strength. Venus and Uranus are in charge of your love life in September,  and we can’t think of planets more appropriate for the job… The moon will be giving you all the information when it comes to employment… just don’t moon your employer.  As you can see, the cosmos is loving butt jokes for leos this month.


Virgo. Aug 23 – Sep 23.

Tarnishing your virginal reputation again, you’re the life of the party, getting to know a bunch of guys or girls throughout the month. Most Virgo birthdays are this month so have fun, just don’t forget your other commitments. As a virgo you’re extremely charming, but you’re a little disorganised at times, especially when it comes to finances. Be wise with your money – let everyone else buy your birthday drinks.


Libra. Sep 23 – Oct 23.

After all the partying you did last month, you might feel like getting spiritual… you know, pray for all that sinning you did in August, just kidding, you might want a detox and relax though. You’re sorting everything out and getting emotionally stronger and stable. You might even feel a little charitable this month, do some volunteering… or just pay for a virgo’s drink. Since you’re feeling particularly sensual this month (blame Venus),  you may want to hang around with Virgos again anyway as they are living it up, or you could hop aboard the taurus love boat because that vessel is getting all the attention!


Scorpio. Oct 23 – Nov 22.

The planets are up in the northern sector of the horoscope and your career will be dominant this month. It’s time to make your family proud, go for a promotion, pay-rise or just go for that new job you really want. You’re going to get a little spiritual… meaning you might try out yoga for a week. Love is to be found in professional or social parties in September (Monaco Yacht Show baby!), lucky for you, those worlds cross over so you can be on the lookout for love at all times if you’re a determined scorpion.


Sagittarius Nov 22 – Dec 22

You’ve been concentrating on your career for months, no point in stopping now, you’re really getting somewhere. Since you’ve been ignoring your friends and family to focus on your career, you may want to spend a little on them to keep them happy (you’ve got money to spare at this point). Towards the end of the month, relax a little, take your friends out. Love-wise: commitment is coming, get into a lasting relationship or if you already have one, now is the time to think about marriage. Scary but nice too, thinking about cruising round the world together but on a honeymoon this time.


Capricorn Dec 23 – Jan 20

Just like sagittarius you’re focusing on your career in September. Last month was a mess, such unpredictability but this month is yours. Your success will ripple happiness into the rest of your life, your family will be pleased with how stable your life on the ocean has become and how content it makes you. As a sea-goat you were made for this life-style and your confidence grows throughout the month relying less and less on your fellow crew. Relying on your workmates isn’t a problem though this month as you are most likely to meet someone special through them. You’re not really looking for anything serious so try for a virgo or libra who are partying their way through September.


Aquarius Jan 20 – Feb 18

As usual the planets are against you again but you’re stronger than them, stronger than eight massive planets and lil baby Pluto. Shoving family issues aside again you’ll get a lot done in your career. Play it safe this month like Virgos and let everyone treat you when you go out because your finances aren’t as steady as usual. You’re going to have some fun this month in your love-life but make sure they pay until you’re back on your feet.


Pisces Feb 18 – Mar 20

Jupiter is helping out your career, nice to have a big ole planet on your side sometimes. Take advice from a Libra and keep it balanced, don’t forget to pay equal attention to every aspect of your life. Your money flow is looking great so treat an Aquarius to a drink or date and see where it goes because you fishes are looking irresistible this month

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