Looks like a busy month for everyone, most of you will be focusing on work while Sagittarius hangs out with friends and family, and Scorpio and Capricorn are just getting busy in November…


Aries. Mar 20 – Apr 20.

You can’t be selfish this month. For you Aries, November is all about everyone else. Fantastic, just what you always wanted.  All of your favourite gold-digging relatives will be swarming you this month so make sure you save some coin to give out to the fam, ram. Because of Venus, in November you will be drawn to beauty and beautiful things like those hairy guys in the engine room for example.


Taurus. Apr 20 – May 21.

Uranus will be helping your career this month, no not in that way, don’t spread that information – do you want someone to file for harassment? You’re much more of a gentle bull this month Taurus as your focus will be on teamwork, how fun! Guess what Taurens? Your love boat is back in business as your social life will be in full swing. Maybe this time you want to let a special someone aboard instead of all the riffraff who joined you last time…


Gemini. May 21 – Jun 21.

You’re so charming, well, for November at least. Everyone you know admires you for your charisma and your ability to network, you’re not at all like the two-faced twins they thought you’d be Gemini. Career and love are your thing this month, push that parental baggage aside it’s time to wok on you. You’re looking for a partner to take care of who also wants to take care of you which is very sweet, or dirty, depends what you read into that.


Cancer. Jun 21 – Jul 23.

You’re going to be pulled in different directions and spread very thinly this month, and not in a fun way. You need to work but you want to have fun, see if you can combine the two – not just by sleeping with your co-workers, get creative! Try not to make too many decisions this month without having a long hard think about the outcome. The same goes for your love-life in November, no need to make decisions, just have some fun!


Leo. Jul 23 – Aug 23.

Take notes from Libras, your life must be carefully balanced this month Leos. Neptune and of course, Uranus will be helping you out in your love life, moving things forward and keeping you from lonely nights. Your love life is teaming with options, all those fish in the sea will be swimming up, jumping on board your love boat and slapping you in the face with oppor-tuna-ties. Yachtie couples with a Leo involved will be doing swimmingly also.


Virgo. Aug 23 – Sep 23.

It’s all about teamwork in November, collaborating and being flexible with others will get you far… in your career of course. This month you should be focused on gaining happiness and satisfaction in every area of your life. You’re looking for love amongst your crew-mates this month, same as every month and you will get lucky… in love that is.


Libra. Sep 23 – Oct 23.

Unlike the rest of these losers you will not have to compromise this month, you are the alpha, no team work for you! You’re planning for your future and not focusing too much on how your career is currently going, you may be looking to make some changes. While everything else is going fine, your love-life will be… bad, yeah it’s pretty bad. Your love planet is in retrograde, things aren’t looking good for the single Libras but the ones in strong relationships will be just fine.


Scorpio. Oct 23 – Nov 22.

Main priority for this month: having a happy home life. Career is in the background but you can  make plans for the future when the planets are back in your favour. Brace yourself scorpios, you’re in for a filthy November. Your sex-drive is sky-high which could cause issues with the rest of your life if you don’t try to control your thoughts. Things are changing all around you that are completely out of control but you’re probably too busy staring and your fellow crew’s butts to notice. The section you’ve been hankering for, the love section: yes you will be successful. Your natural charm and attractiveness will captivate those around you, just don’t scare them off with your newfound enthusiasm.


Sagittarius Nov 22 – Dec 22.

Your priorities are how they’ve always been, loved ones first, career second. You’re taking extra time to ensure the happiness of your family and friends in November cos you’re a pretty sweet dude/dudette. Everything’s looking swell for you this month and you needn’t compromise yourself to get what you want when it comes to work, things with sort themselves out or so says your confidence at least. Loves looking a little rocky for the single centaurs but not too bad for the couples. Let’s hope things start looking up for next month so you can spend the holidays with a special someone.


Capricorn Dec 23 – Jan 20.

You want to focus on your career but your family matters keep coming up and you have to split your focus. Your self-will and bold actions will help you to achieve your goals this month in every area. Your money situation is looking good which is something you’ll notice before you go on a huge shopping spree, whether it be clothing, presents or a bunch of drinks for your friends and fellow crew. You’re looking pretty charming to everyone at the social events. You’re also feeling pretty passionate yourself, you may want to find a Scorpio as it’s likely you’ll be on the same wave-length this month.


Aquarius Jan 20 – Feb 18.

Looks like it’s the same as last month for you Aquarians, work work work, you will be successful so it’s all worth it. You’re going up and up whether it be in the same field of work or not, things are definitely changing. Try not to let planet Mars make you too aggressive in November, it may be fine at first but no one will want to work with you if you’re too moody. Party planner are you, Aquarius? Well, things are gonna get hectic, you’re very social this month and may even find love at a work event in the coming weeks.


Pisces Feb 18 – Mar 20.

Your career is very important in November, even more important than family, don’t worry they agree and they’ll support you. Sounds sweet but in your line of work that means they’re encouraging you to get on a yacht and travel far far away from them. You like a well-rounded partner when it comes to love and you may just find one but the planets aren’t real on your side this November so you’ll have to struggle to find someone. You might be better off waiting to see if love is on the cards for next month while you focus on your career and wondering whether your family want what’s best for you or if they just wanted you to go away.

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