A new year, a new you… well, that’s what we all tell ourselves. Things are looking up and everyone is all about self improvement in January, so it’ll be a lot of on deck workouts, then eating your weight in regret. Enjoy!


Aries. Mar 20 – Apr 20.

Your new year’s resolution will be to face your fears. You’re a little worried about what might sail your way in 2018 but the year is full of lucky chances starting right now. Pluto and Mars have teamed up to bully you into being scared but you can just moon them and take the next opportunity you’re offered. Don’t neglect the people in your life however, yachtie couples I’m talking to you – take the time to make your partner feel loved, a spooning session should do the trick, who doesn’t love a good spoon?


Taurus. Apr 20 – May 21.

Taurus, your new year’s resolution will be to be more loving – won’t be too hard for you eh Taurus? You’re feeling particularly desirable in January, every . crew member wants a piece of your horns. Try not to overindulge this month, too many sweet and alcoholic items will take a toll on your health as Jupiter, the gassiest of planets, will try to make your waist as wide as one of its belts. Keep your bad habits in check and distract yourself with all of those eager crew-members waiting to board your love boat.


Gemini. May 21 – Jun 21.

The new year’s resolution you’ll be making for yourself is to get back to your peak health. You had your fun over the holidays and now you’re thinking it’s time to get back in shape. Geminis have their share of self control so you’ll have no trouble eating healthily and getting a workout in. You may also consider your mental health, getting a little spiritual and doing some yoga. All of your efforts will be worth it when your fellow crew-mates start to notice your super hot bod and new-found flexibility… and of course your well-rounded personality.


Cancer. Jun 21 – Jul 23.

Your new year’s resolution is to gain emotional strength and to be more caring. You’ll have plenty of animal magnetism in January, but in the more literal sense. If you’re still on land it may be a stray cat or friendly squirrel, if you’re aboard a yacht it could be a slightly less obnoxious than usual seagull that you befriend. Believe it or not this critter could trigger a change in your life, a butterfly effect if you will. If you’re feeling a little lonely your new familiar will help you through some tough times. It’s an odd month for you as you may have guessed, you will also have some lucid dreams, fingers crossed they’re the goooood kind.


Leo. Jul 23 – Aug 23.

Just like Geminis, your new year’s resolution will be getting healthier. Unlike Geminis, you’re gonna have to focus a little harder to achieve your goals. Don’t listen to your crew mate’s advice this month, they have good intentions but they won’t be helping you (except me of course, I’m always right). It doesn’t matter if you’ve failed to meet your goals before, a new year is a great excuse for a new beginning and a better you. Your love life will be mostly casual as you have to keep to yourself in order to maintain your healthy regime. January will be all about giving yourself a hand.


Virgo. Aug 23 – Sep 23.

New year’s resolution for Virgo: sort out your relationships. You need to contact your family sometimes no matter which continent you’re on, now is that time. Your partner may be feeling quite strong-willed and independent, which is great, they can be distracted with work while you get to work on those family issues. Fixing family stuff can take some time and there’s a planet meddling in your love life – it can be a bit touch and go when Uranus gets involved.


Libra. Sep 23 – Oct 23.

Libra new year’s resolution: to remain calm. Everyone is trying to pull you in different directions, as a libra you’re a professional balancer but everyone wanting your time and attention in January is driving you crazy. You’re a master of getting things done and you have self control others can only dream of which is why you didn’t put on any weight over Christmas. Just remember the rest of the crew and your family just want to be like you, so show them some kindness and patience. Show one person in particular a little more than that as your love life is about to get a little magical – do they have soul mate potential? You decide.


Scorpio. Oct 23 – Nov 22.

Mars and Pluto are in your money sector, your new year’s resolution is to get your finances in order. Saving your hard earned cash for your ideal future is all that matters to you right now so make sure you have sorted that seafarers account! You’re a bit of a planner, a list-maker…. Rarely do those plans actually come to fruition but you love to make a plan. Try and stick to it this month as you’ll feel better about yourself as time goes on. Part way through the month you may have a distraction in the form an attractive Capricorn, humour is the way to a Capricorn’s heart so tease them mercilessly of course.


Sagittarius. Nov 22 – Dec 22.

Your new year’s resolution? To keep balance in your life. You will be financially stable this month, Sagittarius, there’s a new moon in your second house of finances to keep you wealthy. Your crew mates will be of use this month to help you decide on future plans. You may encounter a couple of upsets with the people you share quarters with but they’re easily resolved. Another situation of note is that you are feeling creative and may even complete a writing project that results in a little financial gain. Love isn’t a big deal this month but when you’ve got money, who needs love? …right?


Capricorn. Dec 23 – Jan 20.

The new year’s resolution for Capricorns is: working on relationships. You need to put a little time into your friends and they need to be told to start giving a little back. Your friends are your top priority in life and they’ve recently been the subject of your saddest times. This month is a new start, mending friendships will now be your greatest joy. Your finances aren’t look great but you’re a fighter and you won’t let that get you down, you’ll keep trying to save up and stop wasting money on drinks at crew parties! To fulfil your love-life and financial goals, find a Scorpio, they’re financially stable and despite being a water sign, they can get a little fiery. Two birds, one stone.


Aquarius. Jan 20 – Feb 18.

New year’s goals: get some perspective. You’re feeling spiritual, you want to get in touch with nature. Just observe the natural environment around you and let it bring you calm. That’s during the day, at night get your drink on. Party your way through January and find a crew member to keep you warm in the winter months. Be careful with your spending habits as you have a tendency to throw money around unnecessarily. You also tend to attract the type of people that could be compared to magpies, they like the shiny things you buy them. As long as they won’t ruin you financially you may want to give in to their wishes to keep peace this month.


Pisces. Feb 18 – Mar 20.

You’ll have a lot to bond over with Libras this month as your new year’s resolutions are the same: to remain calm. Your life is once again getting pretty hectic, will it ever stop? On a yacht? Probably not. Pisces have the most unpredictable lives of all the star signs. You may make some new friends this month that can help you through tough times. On your own you may wish to meditate to bring some quiet to your crazy yachtlife. You have the ability to stay optimistic in a grim situation so pull that trait out now, you’re gonna need it. Vivid dreams are coming your way in January, talk to your Cancer friends as they’ll be having the same kinds of experiences this month. If things go well those dreams might become a reality.

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