Here’s the February forecast, what might the planets have in store for the crew in the month of love? Will it be cuddling in the cabin or out on the deck fishing for the one? Venus only knows…


Aries. Mar 20 – Apr 20.

This year Aries your valentine will be… your friends! No, that’s not depressing, it’s great. Your pals will be your biggest asset, helping you through the tougher times. Just remember to live your own life and stop comparing yourself to others. Try not to use forceful behaviour when you want to get your point across at work, just because you’re a horny ram doesn’t mean you have to headbutt your way to the top.


Taurus. Apr 20 – May 21.

February is here and your valentine is… work! You love to love but your career is your true love, at least for now. Taurens may also be harassed by needy relatives this month, try not to let them drain you of all your energy but keep up your new years resolution to be more caring. It’s a delicate balance and speaking of balance, you’re over having a little trouble with over-consuming something whether it be food, alcohol or too much lovin’. It’s in your best interest to cut down on whatever vice is taking over your mind so slow down the consuming and lovin’ and take care of yourself…


Gemini. May 21 – Jun 21.

Gemini your valentine will be self improvement! That’s even better than a partner I swear. Looks like Mercury is in Aquarius and Jupiter is in Libra and you KNOW what that means… oh you don’t? It’s time for a change buddy, time to seize some opportunities. Look for a new promotion if you can, perhaps a new ‘cabin mate’… or anything, change anything, at least change your clothes so you don’t smell. This tip will come in handy for valentines day when you may just be lucky in love…


Cancer. Jun 21 – Jul 23.

Time for some self love as your valentine, Cancer, is you! No not in that way, well yeah in that way but also you’re looking to be more independent in February, good for you. You’re on your own special spiritual journey or at least that’s what you tell your crew mates at dinner when they ask why you’re still single. Kidding, of course. You’re looking for some solo time for now, figuring out what you want. On that journey you may well stumble upon a potential love interest but take it slow and remember that your needs come first, hopefully your new partner will keep that in mind too…


Leo. Jul 23 – Aug 23.

Leo, your valentine will always be… love! You’re a real romantic, even if you don’t appear so on the outside. Whether or not you will have a person as your valentine is not yet clear but Leos love to take in the spirit of the holidays and spread happiness. If you have a partner for the special day you’ll adore the love and attention while single Leos will appreciate the opportunities that come with such an intense time. Valentines day will be easy pickings for a lion on the prowl at a crew party.


Virgo. Aug 23 – Sep 23.

Your valentine Virgo will be… your health! It’s a weird one sure but you’ve really started to care about your own well-being which is so important. This includes your fitness regime but also keeping yourself away from illnesses that spread during the winter months. Another thing you should avoid like the plague is negative people. You’re having fun in your positivity self-love bubble so maybe ignore all the issues on board just this month for your mental health but hear them out next month when you’re better equipped to cope with it. There may be some romantic opportunities ahead this month so perhaps consider letting one other person come inside that love bubble.


Libra. Sep 23 – Oct 23.

It looks like you may be lucky this year Libras, you might have a real, human, actual valentine. The stars are aligning for you, Libra crew so don’t screw it up, this February is looking real good for you when it comes to romance. This happiness will lead to a surge in creativity, write something, draw something, do an interpretive dance on deck because this is looking to be a very relaxing month, and you should make the most of it. Family drama may try and get in the way of your happiness but keep a level head and tune out those harpies, they’re next month’s problem.


Scorpio. Oct 23 – Nov 22.

Scorpio your valentine is… valentine’s day itself! This will be a very important and memorable day for you for reasons yet to be determined. For the rest of the month you’ll be a little concerned with family and heritage, you may become closer to loved ones than you’ve ever been before. Being very close with your family may seem foreign to a scorpio as you tend to be a little prickly, but beneath that exoskeleton lies a soft heart and a boneless sack of flesh. Perhaps the analogy doesn’t quite match up but you understand don’t you, you snippy stingy little scorpion? You’re not as formidable as you seem, but no one should mess with you since you are straight up terrifying sometimes.


Sagittarius. Nov 22 – Dec 22.

You valentine this month should be but probably isn’t… peace and calm. You’re getting a bit angry in February stemming from your finances. Try not to take out your frustrations on the crew around you as you’ll end up having to do the shameful apology rounds and no one wants to do that. So you’ve been a little reckless with your spending in recent months, just keep your cool, you’ll earn it back soon enough. Channel your rage creatively, write a diary to let it all out, just keep it well hidden from the rest of the crew – you wouldn’t want your fears and crushes being the hot gossip muttered beneath beards in the engine room.


Capricorn. Dec 23 – Jan 20.

Capricorn your special valentine this year will be… money! Who says money can’t buy happiness? Of course it can, Capricorns love money even if they very rarely have it. You’ve succeeded in your goal to save a little last month and you’re on your way to preparing for the future. You want to retire this job one day without having blown all of your money on whims. Whether or not you succeed in meeting this goal is entirely up to you. So if you have a date this valentine’s day show them what a great romantic partner you are by leaving your wallet/purse in your cabin and astonish them with your Oscar worthy performance of ‘I am so sorry I can’t believe I’ve done this, I had every intention of going Dutch.’ Your bank account will thank you and your date may forgive you in time.


Aquarius. Jan 20 – Feb 18.

Everyone else’s valentine this month will be YOU Aquarius. Or they wish at least, according to you. You’re really feeling yourself this month, staring into a mirror wondering how God could have bestowed so much charm, wit and good looks to one person… It’ll be in your best interest to keep up the confidence, faking it ’til you make it absolutely work for you in February. Opportunities of all kinds will the flinging themselves at you like fish at a beaver dam and it’s your job to catch them all so they don’t end up smacking their heads on your dam. (The dam in this metaphor could maybe be like an emotional wall or something, who really knows or thinks these things through? Not I.)


Pisces. Feb 18 – Mar 20.

Your valentine will be change! You’re having a bit of a crisis if we’re honest, you want to be yourself but you’re not even sure who that is anymore. You’ll be making as many changes as you can this month including physical, just keep your profession in mind when deciding on an appearance changing tattoo/piercing/hair colour. You don’t want to clash with the yacht’s interior decor or end up getting fired over your new radical ‘do. Later in the month you’ll find a lead on what you might want for the rest of your life. Don’t go thinking you can discover your true self all at once, you don’t live in a movie montage but it’s a start.

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