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With little space and a crazily busy day on the yacht, it may seem impossible to find the space and time to unwind. Have a read of this, kindly written by the fabulous Yaël Fadloun and feel that tension melt away!

Meditation exercises by Yaël Fadloun (Shiatsu and Reïki Practitioner)

When you feel stressed or exhausted after so many days of hard working on board, you should try some meditating exercises!

Meditation is not a practice that aims to ‘think about nothing’, but rather it helps you to be aware of what’s happening inside your body and your mind.

To begin, sit down, preferably on the ground with your legs crossed, maybe on the deck of your yacht, or if you can’t, on a chair or on your bed. No matter where and how you sit, just be comfortable with your position.

Close your eyes and put your two hands, one on top of the other on your stomach, just below your navel.

And now, focus your attention on your breathing, and make sure that you breathe with your stomach as you feel your hands go up and down with the movement. Inhale and exhale gently and deeply, without any force and any control.

At first it may be difficult, if you are too stressed, you just can’t breath easily, and you may find you can’t focus on inhaling and exhaling because of all the thoughts that come to your mind…

Just try to be patient and persevere… with a daily practice, for ten or fifteen minutes a day, you will reap the benefits!

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Then, slowly, from the top of your head and down to your feet, step by step, relax your face, then your neck, then your shoulders, your thorax and your back, your arms and your hands, your pelvis, your legs and your feet…

Let your thoughts flow, come and go like they were clouds, do the same with your emotions and let your energies move freely inside and around your body.

Maybe you could then visualise a beautiful and relaxing place, or a situation that brings you joy and peace… Let those vibrations live in you until you completely feel them.

Now you can open your eyes and come back to the here and now… How do you feel?

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We feel better already! Head to to find out all about the luxuriously relaxing treatments on offer from Yaël Fadloun in Nice!

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