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If you want a little guidance, helpful exercise tips and feedback to improve your fitness and running form, but don’t have time to schedule in a personal trainer as often as you would like (crew life is hectic!), we have found an alternative that could be just what you’re looking for!


Lumo Run consists of a sensor which you clip to the waistband of your running gear, and an app downloaded to your phone. Before you head out on you run, position the sensor so that it is in line with your hips and in the centre of your back where your waistband meets your spine. Turn on your phone’s Bluetooth so that everything can be recorded whilst you’re out, and off you go!

Lumo Run running fitness

You can leave your phone in your cabin and access a post run summary when you get back, or run with your phone, plug in your headphones and get real-time feedback whilst you’re out! The app will give you plenty of tips for your next run and also gives you exercise recommendations based on the data it records in your profile from previous runs.

Lumo Run analytics

The positioning of the sensor is important as it measures steps per minute, stride length, braking, bounce and pelvic rotation. All important for the serious runner!

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