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The helpful team at Fire Ranger have sent us five handy tips to help you avoid some common issues that may be overlooked when preparing for your on-board Fire Equipment inspections. Each tip is paired with a situation that has happened recently in the yachting industry to highlight how important it is to get this stuff right!


TIP #1: Ensure the Fire & Life Safety inspection contractor that you hire holds the correct class approvals and insurance.

Make sure you check all approval documentation before hiring the contractor.  Also, be aware that the contractor needs to hold the correct liability and workman’s compensation insurance required for marine coverage. There have been incidents of liability and personal injury claims that the vessels have been liable for because the contractor does not hold the correct insurance.

Here’s why: A vessel hired a contractor who completed the entire inspection of all firefighting and life safety equipment on board, they paid the contractor and then presented certification papers and reports to the class surveyor only to find the contractor has no approvals. They then had to pay again for the inspections to be completed by a class approved service provider.


TIP #2: Make sure all fire safety equipment is labelled correctly so it can be returned with ease in accordance with the Fire & Safety Plan.

It is sometimes more convenient to gather equipment on board and take it to one location either on the yacht or dockside for inspection. Remember to label equipment with its original location so it can be returned to the correct location and bracket so that your fire safety information is always accurate.

Here’s Why: Crew gathered all the fire extinguishers on board for an inspection to save the contractor from having to go through the vessel finding them. The equipment was placed on the aft deck, inspected, tested and certified but was not labelled with the location from which they were taken so the crew and contractor then spent hours trying to find which extinguisher goes back to which location.


TIP #3: Try to get your fire extinguishers inspected and serviced on board. Any equipment removed should always be replaced with “temporary loaners” to ensure there is no lack of firefighting equipment when you need it.

A well-equipped contractor should either have the equipment available to inspect and certify your fire extinguishers on board, or if removing them to an offsite location they should provide you with “loaner” equipment to cover the vessel while your equipment is away.

Here’s why: A contractor was hired to inspect and service a vessels fire extinguishers so they turned up, gathered them all together and took them to an offsite location, while the extinguishers were away a fire broke out on board and the crew had no firefighting equipment available to handle the situation.


TIP #4: Make sure an appropriate experienced crew member is on board during the test to ensure that alarms and shutdowns are completed correctly.

Many systems and equipment are unique to that vessel and when being tested if a shutdown or alarm sounding is required it is best to have crew on board that are familiar with the ship’s equipment in case it cannot be reset or restarted.

Here’s Why: A contractor is hired to complete a test, inspection and service on an engine room fire suppression system, but when they arrive all relevant crew that have the knowledge to reset shutdowns and alarms on the vessel are not on board. If a system is tested and generators or exhausts cannot be restarted then it is best to have the engineer on board to assist.


TIP #5: It is a lot easier to have all your fire and life safety equipment inspection dates the same to avoid multiple inspections throughout the year. Whenever possible try to ensure that all equipment from tenders and PWC etc are also available at the time of your scheduled inspection.

Here’s Why: Tenders that are away are often overlooked and can cause issues when surveyed if dates don’t align or if the inspections have been missed altogether. Try to make sure all equipment is on board when the inspections are scheduled so that everything is inspected at the same time.

Thanks Team Fire Ranger! We know your a good choice because….

Fire Ranger Banner


Fire Ranger lands exclusive 5-year contract to supply and install Fire and Safety Equipment for Show Management /Informa’s five annual boat shows.

Fort Lauderdale, FL: Fire Ranger™ proudly announces its new five-year partnership with Show Management/Informa, as the exclusive provider of fire and safety equipment for their five annual Florida boat shows. The five Boat Shows include the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, Yachts Miami Beach, formerly the Miami Yacht & Brokerage Show, and the Palm Beach International Boat Show, three of the World’s largest in-water boat shows, as well as the St. Petersburg Power & Sailboat Show and Suncoast Boat Show in Sarasota, two of the Gulf Coast’s largest in-water boat shows.

“We are honored to be chosen,” said Neil Cooper, co-founder and Operations Manager at Fire Ranger™, “and look forward to a long and happy partnership. We have been providing the marine industry with fire safety and prevention equipment for the last 28 years and are committed to bringing the same level of superior service and products to this partnership.”

Fire Ranger™ will have a booth at all the five Boat Shows listed above, and will have staff onsite to demo their fire safety marine services and answer questions.

Fire Ranger™ is known for service and quality in the marine fire safety and prevention industry, providing yacht owners and brokers with:

  • Dockside Service for marine fire safety inspections & certifications
  • International Service serving the Caribbean, Central America & North America
  • ABS and Lloyds Register approved service providers
  • Full line of fire safety equipment: Suppression Systems, Fire Extinguishers, Immersion Suits, Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA), Emergency Escape Breathing Apparatus (EEBD), Personal Flotation device (PFD / Lifejackets), Fire Suits/Turnout Gear and more.

Fire Ranger™ is an approved Department of Transport (DOT) testing facility, and its accredited service centre can conduct repairs and hydrostatic tests to all types of Fixed Fire Fighting systems and equipment, including the recharging of Halon1301, Halon1211, Halotron, CO2, FE-241, FM-200 and NOVEC1230 clean agent gasses.

For any questions or concerns regarding your fire and life safety equipment inspections contact Fire Ranger at info@fireranger.com or 1-954 566 5430. Fire Ranger will also be at Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, booth 403A. FIRE RANGER, Neil Cooper (954) 566-5430

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