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In recent years many superyachts are choosing to charter in territories unknown and take the adventurous path, as far apart as the most remote regions of Asia, and exploration yachts breaking ice in journeys to the North Pole.

Treading the path unknown means you may need to upgrade some essential equipment to ensure polar bears don’t get to your beers and the towels are still dry and fluffy, no matter what you‘ve been through to make the ultimate beach (or snow) set up, on a coast line that perhaps hasn’t seen man (or woman) for 20 years.
Manta Bay or Kelingking Beach on Nusa Penida Island, Bali, Indonesia.

On a recent trip to America we came across YETI. An uncompromising outdoors brand that makes bear proof coolers, cool bags or chilly bins (depending on what continent you started life on), the most hard-core work buckets you’ve ever seen and a range of 100% fully waterproof bags that every crew member should invest in.

Not only is this a super cool brand, but their coolers are literally unbeatable. They keep Ice frozen for three days straight. Three days! We hope any beach parties or ice exploration trips last a little less than three days, but if they do, then you’ll be set!

3 polar bears on ice near the North Pole

So while you are keeping your drinks cool and making sure you get the good tips from your guests, this chilly bin is also bear proof, yep, big bad grizzly bear proof. Now we know you probably don’t see a lot of bears when you hop on the tender for a day out, but if you do happen to be one of the lucky crews exploring the Artic or Antartica, then you may just come across a hungry polar bear like the crew of MY Latitude did…

The handy bear proofing also means it is human and small critter proof too, so you can relax in the knowledge nothing is getting to your stash, wherever you may be.

This got us thinking back to the Caribbean and how else we can all help to support the islands that are still without full time electricity, fresh water and other basic necessities. Well a cooler that keeps food frozen for three days is also going to keep it chilled for even longer, so any of you heading out to lend a hand over the winter season should also consider YETI when you are stocking up!

Grey waterproof duffel bag by YETI

Onto the incredible waterproof duffel bags. This is a fully submersible bag designed to stand up to the toughest conditions. It has a completely waterproof seal, and its sexy. We all want one. Its soft so it can be folded and stored in a smaller cabin. Who are we kidding, they’re all small! They come in three sizes so you can have matching waterproof luggage and the storm grey design is sleek, classic and great for everyone.

They of course have practical uses as well as looking great. Think back to that beach set up, or snow adventure. These waterproof badboys will keep the fluffiest towels safe and dry; and anything your guests want to take with them off the yacht will be completely safe from the elements. No worries about splashing saltwater on the tender ride, no worries about things getting damp if they are left sat in the snow. Wherever, whenever their Panga Duffel Bag has your back!

Set of three Yeti Load Out buckets in a row

Finally the trusty bucket. You think you’ve got a good work bucket. Well think again. This is the mother of all buckets. Its basically indestructible, its got a non-slip ring (phnarr), that’s non-skid and non-marking so its perfect for deck duty. The Yeti Loadout Bucket is food safe too, so if you do invest, keep an eye because Chef might commandeer them for the galley! They even have some neat accessories like a utility gear belt that fits snuggly around the buckets and give you guys and gals… or the Engineer… a handy place to keep tools for the job at hand! Who knew a bucket could be so versatile!

We’re all over Yeti, we might even buy the tshirt. And yes those are available too.

Check out their website here at www.yeti.com and get prepared for your next adventure!

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