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When it comes to fine dining on-board luxury superyachts Earth & Sea Yacht Agent Services have done their research. They strongly believe on board dining should be on par with, if not exceed expectations of top rated Michelin Star restaurants. They aim to provide you with the most decadent food on the planet, handpicked by the finest chefs and delivered straight to your table.

A silver spoon full of caviar presented to a yacht guest.

Earth & Sea Yacht Agents have a very clear and strong mission to offer personalised provisioning down to the finest detail. Their expertise in capturing the very best ingredients, freshest produce and exclusively designed dishes are the reasons some of the worlds top chefs choose them as their preferred supplier. Delivering ethical, high welfare, sustainable food produce worldwide, with a focus on haute cuisine as well as modern and classic gastronomy, shows there is no limit to what can be presented on your plate.

Tomahawk steak ready to be cooked.

Their experts are on hand to ensure prompt delivery of perishables to any destination around the globe. And should any problems arise there is an additional guarantee that, they are dealt with effectively and efficiently, ensuring your food is in the safest of hands from start to finish.

Black Truffle cut through to show marbling.

With more than 15 years of knowledge and experience in the superyacht industry, Earth & Sea’s founder Nuno do O’ Caeiro has overseen the continuous care of owners and guests during his career, making sure they are catered for to the highest of standards. Earth & Sea Agents continue to strive towards raising the bar in delivering 100% client satisfaction, exceeding expectations, with world class provisioning being top of their list.

For more details and how to contact Earth and Sea Yacht agents, please visit their company profile.

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