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Chia Seeds and Champagne host luxury health and fitness retreats, and we could all do with a bit of that every now and again couldn’t we?! The next retreat is penciled in for September at Villa Tropez, near, yes you guessed it, Saint Tropez in the south of France, a health residency with complete relaxation and escape. The retreat will energise your body and nourish you from the inside out. The combination of fresh food, high-end fitness and plenty of rest and relaxation creates a dedicated and balanced health and fitness holiday. On this retreat nothing is compulsory and everything is encouraged in moderation. Sounds like it could be the perfect end of season treat to us!


Chia Seeds and Champagne


Hosted by renowned London based personal trainer and nutritionist Holly Howard (nee Pannett) and a hand picked list of guest trainers the six day break provides a complete wellness experience. The setting is relaxed and informal, away from modern pressures – whilst encouraging you to get a sweat on!


Health and fitness retreat


The pattern of being ‘busy’ has become the socially accepted norm. Chia Seeds and Champagne offer you the opportunity to take time away from busy and return fit, rested and nourished. The deliberately small number of guests ensures all clients receive personal attention and guidance. A daily programme is encouraged, but mostly this retreat is about listening to your body’s own needs and finding that balance of yin and yang. If that means a glass of sugar free bubbles (see our Skinny Champagne article) with like-minded people and an early night (yin replenishing) then so be it!.


Health and fitness retreat with skinny champagne


The retreat offers a varied selection of fresh, healthy food, refreshing juices and mood-boosting smoothies. The menu is sourced from high quality, local produce and includes digestive rest days to compliment the bespoke range of supplements used to rebalance the digestive system. Holly enjoys cooking with gluten-free ingredients and incorporates her knowledge of traditional Chinese food energetic principles into her cooking. Guilt free yumminess! Nutritionally unburdening your system and mindful eating allows your body time to restore its vitality and you will leave with new knowledge to add to your daily routine. This way of eating is absolutely not about deprivation – but instead it is about embracing a positive, healthy way of life and enjoying a glass of skinny champagne!


Chia Seeds and Champagne retreat food


Five varied fitness options per day are uniquely tailored to the group’s needs. Daytime sessions include heart rate elevating activities – such as hikes along the picturesque vineyard lanes, pilates or yoga-based sessions in the sanctuary of the garden, circuit classes, body weight exercises or a workout in the pool. Nighttime sessions are more focused on mindfulness, stretching and easing the body into recovery for the next day. Combining educated and effective fitness in this glamorous location makes sessions hard but enjoyable. Gentle encouragement is the key, rather than drill-sergeant boot camp style.


Chia Seeds and Champagne health and fitness retreat


So how was the idea for Chia Seeds and Champagne born? In 2006 Holly travelled with a personal training client to a fasting clinic in Germany. It was an extremely difficult week in a clinical environment but an experience which left her fascinated in changes the body can go through. She was exhausted from the lack of food, and unable to exercise in the way that she wanted to. Finding herself with a frozen neck, Holly realised the extent nutrition has on the body when a magnesium supplement eased the tightness in minutes. Left curious and inspired (also going on to complete a Masters degree in nutrition and Chinese medicine) Holly couldn’t help but wonder what would happen if she took parts of this concept to a luxury villa (surrounded by the best things in life) and introduced nourishing food and fitness. The results improved tenfold. Holly’s motto has always been ‘everything in moderation’.

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