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We all love a good festival. Whether you prefer a straightforward music festival, or one filled with wonderful local drinks, traditions and activities, here’s a list of some old favourites and some of the weirdest festivals in Europe this August!

Saturdays May to September in different Rhine locations.

GERMANY, Rhine in Flames
During Rhine in Flames, townsfolk light up the Rhine river by setting off multiple fireworks displays. The fireworks, music and dancing is also accompanied by a fleet of more than 60 decorated and illuminated ships along the river. This looks to be a real once in a lifetime experience, unless of course you’re one of the villagers, then it’s more of a once in a year experience!

Rhine in Flames festivel

4 – 6 August

IRELAND, Waterford Spraoi Street Festival
Spraoi is the name of a renowned street theatre company that is best known for its annual Spraoi Festival and Parade that is held every August Bank Holiday weekend. The Festival is devoted to Street Art and has become a local favourite and very popular with tourists. The Festival attracts over 100,000 people to Waterford City over “The Spraoi Weekend”.

Waterford Ireland festival

Photo credits: Eadaoin Murphy, JLcreative

9 – 13 August

SERBIA, Guca Trumpet Festival (Dragacevo Assembly)
Guca Trumpet festival is the largest trumpet and brass band event in the world. The village of Gu
ča in the Dragačevo district hosts this event in the usually peaceful, scenic and colourful area of western Serbia. Sounds great, sounds like five days of non-stop trumpets, which as we all know is absolute paradise!

Trumpet festival Serbia

4 – 28 August (Both festivals)

SCOTLAND, Edinburgh International Festival, and Edinburgh Festival Fringe – Celebrating their 70th anniversary this year Edinburgh Fringe and International festival are probably the best festivals on this list for broadness of culture. There’s live music, plays, musicals and most importantly, live comedy. There’s something for everyone including kids. As long as you don’t mind weird changeable weather, you’ll have an amazing time if you choose Edinburgh as your August festival destination.

Edinburgh Fringe Festival

10 – 12 August every year

IRELAND, Puck Fair in Killorglin, County Kerry
It’s an odd one. This fair in Ireland is called ‘Aonach an Phoic’ meaning ‘Fair of the He-Goat’, yes it’s a festival about a goat, just one. Basically a goat-catcher (yep, that’s a real job) goes up a hill, finds a goat, brings it back then hands it over to a school girl who puts a crown on it and calls it King Puck. You might be worried about what’s going to happen to the goat at this point, never fear – they take it back to its hill three days later completely unharmed. This festival features ‘The Wobbly Circus’ and a band called ‘Wild Geese’, just normal stuff happening in a normal town. We clearly all need to be in Ireland in August!

Puck Fair County Kerry

9 – 16 August

HUNGARY, Sziget Festival
Sziget Festival is a huge rock festival hosted in Hungary. There’s a big line-up this year including: Biffy Clyro, The Chainsmokers, Kasabian, Major Lazer and Pink. There’s also a bunch of singers and bands that’ll make you go ‘oh yeah they had that great song a few years ago, where have they been?’ Well you can find that out at this awesome festival.

HUNGARY Sziget Festival

12 – 13 August

ENGLAND, Bognor Birdman in Bognor Regis, West Sussex
Birdman is kind of like the London Marathon of jumping off a cliff. Some people dress up in costumes and jump for charity and others take it a little more seriously, creating complex ‘flying’ machines to glide them further when they jump. There are prizes for whoever can gain the most distance in ‘flight’. If you’re a bit of a sicko who loves to watch other people fall and hurt themselves this could be right up your alley.

Bird Man Bognor Regis

17 Aug – 3 Sep

FINLAND, Helsinki Festival
Finland’s coolest music and arts festival, imagine how cultured you’d feel telling your friends you’d been to that. Helsinki Festival has been awarded EFFE 2017-2018 ‘Remakable Festival’ award by ‘Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe’, which is kind of weird because it hasn’t happened yet, but it’d be pretty neat going somewhere that’s predicted to be amazing enough to have already won an award.

FINLAND, Helsinki Festival

19 – 27th August (Starts 3rd Saturday)

SPAIN, Bilbao, Aste Nagusia (Great Week in Basque language)
There’s Plays, concerts, fireworks, cooking contests, games for kids and many different activities taking place all over the city, on both sides of the river, where the booths with music, food and drink are set up by different groups of people from the city. Also that week theatre companies do premier performances of their plays in Bilbao theatres. The circus and funfair go to Etxebarria Park and there’s even bullfights or Basque pelota games. Bullfights are only ever any good if the bull wins though.–bilbao-festivities

Bilbao Spain

12 – 19 Aug

SPAIN, Feria de Malaga (also known as Feria de Agosto)
Feria de Malaga is basically a huge party involving fancy dress, fireworks and music. It’s all very bright and colourful, full of lights and music. There are some traditional aspects too like a pilgrimage on the first day of the fair but as a tourist you may just want to get involved with the fun stuff.

SPAIN, Feria de Malaga

16 August & 2 July (same dates, twice a year)

ITALY, Siena, Il Palio
This is a big horserace around town that loads and loads of people go to see. There’s also a costume pageant and procession about Sienna’s medieval past but it’s mostly all about the horse race. If you are into horses and don’t mind being up close and personal with them in a crowded village in the sun, then book those tickets today. It would certainly be an interesting story to tell at a party…

ITALY, Siena, Il Palio

17- 20 August

WALES, Brecon Beacons, Green Man Festival
It’s a pretty cool music festival, this year featuring artists like The Shins and PJ Harvey. A bit of a hippy festival with the same kind of vibe as the US’ Burning Man, there’s music and there’s chill zones so it’s more of a holiday than some of the other events listed here. This one’s more informative than teasing as Green Man has already sold out this year, so better book early for next year to get involved with Wales’ most exciting festival.

Green Man Festival

30 August (last Wednesday of August)

SPAIN, La Tomatina at Buñol town
Imagine spending a full day covered in smashed tomatoes, pure bliss, what could be better? Spain’s La Tomatina is an event where people throw tomatoes at each other for some good old fashioned fun. Around 30,000 fabulously mad people participate in this food fight and you could be one of them. But remember to only wear clothes you don’t mind burning at the end of it….

SPAIN, La Tomatina

25 – 27 August (Bank holiday weekend)

ENGLAND, Reading Festival, Richfield Avenue in Berkshire
You probably already know this one, one of the biggest most amazing music festivals in the UK and this years line-up is looking good on the music stages and the comedy stage. Music-wise they’ve got some real variety from Bastille, to Korn, to modern artists like Halsey and Haim. On the comedy stage they’ve got Bill Bailey, Katherine Ryan and Joe Lycett to name a few. There’s a reason everyone goes to this festival, there’s always going to be something you like.

Reading Festival

25 – 27 August (Bank holiday weekend)

ENGLAND, Leeds Festival in West Yorkshire
Is pretty much the same as Reading Festival but the acts are on in a different order. It’s all about where you live, it looks as if
the one everyone wants to see might be Eminem as the day he’s head-lining at Reading and Leeds are both sold out. There’s still loads of acts to see on the other days so go on the site and check out the lineup.

Leeds Festival

24 – 27 August (Bank holiday weekend)

ENGLAND, Daresbury, Creamfields in Cheshire
Creamfields is a massive dance music event and not just a kind of gross-sounding festival name. This year it’s featuring all those MCs and DJs you’ve heard of like FatBoy Slim, deadmau5, Eric Prydz and many you haven’t like Mistajam and Patrick Topping.


26 – 28 August (Bank Holiday weekend)

ENGLAND, London Notting Hill Carnival
Notting Hill Carnival celebrates diversity and Caribbean culture, it’s also about art and creativity. The event itself is a parade procession which has steel drums, people in traditional dress and just lots of fun displays. This is one of the more important festivals on the list as it isn’t just about having fun, there’s history and culture, a lot to be educated on and you can find out more from their website.

Notting Hill carnival

We hope you have an action packed August and you get your festival fix in there somewhere!

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