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The world of virtual reality is becoming hugely popular. Who doesn’t want a bit of escapism in their life without actually having to book a break?! iPhone 6/6s and iPhone 7 users can delve into the worlds of Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality using the Bridge Headset from Occipital.

Occipital’s Structure Sensor in the headset captures an accurate image of your surroundings and uses this to merge the real world with virtual content, to give you a Mixed Reality experience. So, you could be standing on deck, in the crew mess or even your cabin with a portal in front of you leading to a magical (or other real) place!

Virtual reality structure sensor

When enjoying your Virtual Reality experience you don’t have to be distracted by obstacles around you, as the Structure Sensor already knows where objects and structures in the real world are. It also has large-scale positional tracking so you can really get into your virtual adventure.

Bridge virtual reality headset iPhone

Bridge is the first VR and MR headset available for a smartphone platform and comes with Bridge Engine, which allows any developers amongst you to create your own mixed reality apps. It even comes with a little virtual robot called Bridget who allows you to pull features into your own project, or contribute features to her with your ideas.

Bridget robot virtual reality Bridge headset

If this has sparked your interest then head to for more information!

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