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We are totally blown away by these smart headphones that, quite frankly, are a great buddy to wear on your head! As well as the obvious (music listening device), they are voice and motion controlled, can plan the route to your next destination, order you food, and they get to know your preferences and personalise your audio experience accordingly! WOW!

Vinci headphones

So let’s start with the music. Use voice command to tell Vinci exactly what you want to listen to and they will oblige. They have 32GB of storage, so you can carry around a pretty extensive music library, and you can change track with a tap or a swish (personalise your own setting preferences). Sound quality is optimised with customised noise cancelling options and Vinci will even pause your music when you remove them, then play it again when you put them back on!

Your new friend will recommend music to you based on your listening habits, and…get this…your vitals and activity. Vinci will find music to match your tempo and can let you know how you are getting on with your run/exercise in terms of pace, distance, heart rate etc….. That is great news for all of you fitness fiend yachties out there! You won’t even need to carry your phone with you because Vinci is cloud-connectable, big bonus!

Vinci headphones

Vinci knows your current location and can find you the best route to wherever you want to go, check the weather for you, be your calendar with reminders of important events and meetings, recommend local venues, order you a takeaway, connect you with information, access your favourite apps, record your surrounding audio…. basically Vinci will organise your life and make sure you’ve got an amazing soundtrack at all times!

Vinci headphones

The headphones are made from lightweight materials and designed to be ergonomic, giving maximum comfort for wearers. They come with a wireless charging dock and once charged the power reserve is 15 hours, so you could wear them for the entire day?! Tempting….. When it comes to storage, as we mentioned earlier, Vinci has 32GB integrated with additional offline storage.

Where can you immediately demand that Vinci becomes your new best friend? Right here We’ve got your back 😉


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