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Walking is great……but skateboarding is far cooler, not to mention easier on your feet when you are walking the docks for the millionth time in one morning! Well, this is not just any normal skateboard, this is a smart skateboard! Of course it is ­čśë and we are going to tell you all about it!


Walnutt bring us the Spectra Electric Skateboard. It travels at a speed of up to 15.5mph and can take you up to 12.4 miles or 90 minutes ride time in one charge. The charging time is minimal so you can get back out there in no time at all. The power comes from 3.1″ motors which are built into the wheels. The driving system is pretty impressive and can handle inclines of up to 15 degrees, recharging on the way back down slopes. The board features a differential speed monitor and integrated gyroscope, technology found in electric cars. Fancy huh?

Spectra smart skateboard

By far our favourite feature of Spectra is its ability to self learn. It houses the first 3D posture control system found in a skateboard and senses your movements, controlling your speed and turning movements. If only our new skateboard friend could save us from embarrassing boarding fails……IT CAN! Spectra can sense if something is off and activates the braking system instantly, it is the only electric skateboard out there that can do this. Another awesome feature is the LED lighting system which is activated at night or when riding through poorly lit areas like tunnels or underpasses, making you feel safer and obviously look like the coolest kid on the block!

Download the Walnutt Go App for even more impressive features. Turn on your Bluetooth and control the board with your phone, whether you are on it or not! We all wanted to ride on our remote controlled cars when we were kids didn’t we? Well this is like a childhood dream come true (for me anyway!). The app will keep you up to date with how much battery is left and when it is time to think about recharging. It is a nifty little socialising tool too, finding you the best places for riding and locating other riders close by.

Bluetooth driving the board

To find out more, and to give your feet a break, head to

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