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Is there anyone out there that doesn’t struggle for clothes space in their cabin?…..We didn’t think so! We have stumbled upon this neat little portable closet that could revolutionize the way you organize your apparel onboard, whilst on the move, and when you manage to get those well earned few days break to have your own adventure. Enter Rolo!

clothes organizer, roll up suitcase, Rolo, hanging clothes

Rolo is a lightweight roll up suitcase which rolls out to transform into a hanging clothes organizer, made from strong high quality materials. It features different sized compartments to allow for clothes item separation, all mesh fronted so you can clearly see what you’re grabbing to change into. The hanging hook means you can hang Rolo up practically anywhere and not have to search through a load of clothes to make sure you don’t accidentally end up wearing your crew mate’s stuff! If you have any clothes that you want to keep packed away then this is perfect too. Just roll it up and fit it into that tiny bit of space you can find.

Rolo, hanging clothes organizer, roll up suitcase

This awesome piece of kit can hold about 4 days worth of outfits, so is ideal for short breaks too. When you do manage to get those few days away from the yacht just pack, roll, and off you go! There is a carry strap if this is the only luggage you are taking. You will find that Rolo can fit into a backpack, or alternatively it will fit into the space used for roll mats on the outside of a backpack. Once you get to your break destination you won’t even need to unpack, just unroll and hang up! Voila!

clothes organizer, Rolo, roll up travel bag

To find out more about, and get your hands on one of these magical moveable closets, head to

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