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We never drink enough water and when you’re on a busy charter it’s easy to forget to top up those water levels. Plus we all over indulge a little over the festive period when it comes to food and partying, sometimes we even drink a little too much festive cheer……don’t despair, the Ozmo Smart Bottle will help us all!

Ozmo Smart Bottle green

The Ozmo Smart Bottle works as your very own hydration fairy godmother. It connects to the Ozmo app and can sync with many fitness trackers to let you know exactly how much water you need to reach your optimum H2o levels. You can use the cup without the app and LED lights indicate your progress, whilst the cup measures liquid accurately to help keep track of where you are at.

Ozmo Smart Bottle app screen on phone

The app will calculate a personalised hydration goal based on information like body type, level of activity, and geographical location. You will see weekly reports and graphs on how you are doing, plus reminders and helpful tips to keep you on track and hit your goals. Syncing the cup with the app makes life simple, it will log the amount you are drinking automatically. Bonus!

The app features a barcode scanner which helps you to calculate calories and generally make healthier choices when it comes to your diet. You can go a step further and set up two way integration with fitness trackers like Fitbit, Garmin, Apple Health amongst others. This enables your hydration goals to automatically change depending on how much exercise you do. Obviously the more you work out, the more water your body needs. Clever huh?!

Ozmo Java smart coffee cup

Ozmo also make a smart bottle for your coffee! This cup not only keeps your coffee warm (amazing) but it also tracks how much you drink and helps you to balance your coffee and water consumption. The Ozmo bottles have a battery life of 3 weeks when they are fully charged and are recharged via USB. So lets make 2018 the year of never again getting to 5pm and realising that the only liquid that has passed our lips is caffeinated!

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