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The future is really here! These marvellous little earbuds aren’t just for listening to music, they aren’t just wireless… they can translate from another language to yours in real-time using an app. This allows two people to speak to each other without needing to learn the other’s language using just one pair of these amazing earbuds.

You’ve probably heard of these types of earphones before, Google made the Pixel Buds for Google Pixel 2 phones last year with mixed reviews. You will be happy to know that Mars Earbuds will be able to work with android and iOS phones. Plus most earbuds of this kind need you to have two pairs in order to translate on the fly, whereas with Mars, you only need one pair and all you need to do is pass one of them to the person you wish to speak to.

So far the earbuds can translate 10 languages but the creators promise to make it 40 languages in the future.


Making all this possible is some clever tech called Clover AI assistant combined with the Naver Papago translation platform. Rumour is that they will also soon be incorporating Google Translate. The earbuds are wireless so they connect with the app via bluetooth, it also connects the earbuds to each other.

Why would you want these little gems? Well, as yacht crew you meet people from all around the world – think how handy it could be to boast that you can talk to any charter guest with no translation issues. It could also be a good idea to suggest them to your owner or management company as they would be a super useful tool onboard, and something else to add to the list of yacht amenities.

mars earbuds plus charging case

If the translation feature wasn’t enough, the earbuds can also play music, offer noise-cancelling technology, can take voice calls and can be used with voice activation in the same way you can use Siri on an iPhone. The battery life is a little short, three hours, but they come with a charging case that’s easy to carry around in a small bag or purse.

Mars Earbuds are currently being used in the east and should be released worldwide this summer. There’s no official price as yet, but with this technology it will be worth it….

Keep an eye on our social media and we will let you know when they are available!

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