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The classic t-shirt is getting an upgrade – a group of innovators from Holland have had the brilliant idea to use modern technology to create a brand new kind of t-shirt.

Labfresh t-shirts resist all water-based liquids like drinks and condiments including red wine, beetroot juice and ketchup. This means you don’t have to panic when you get splashed with muddy water or spill your drink when out with friends.

labfresh stain resistant

Not only is this fabric stain resistant, it also keeps any sweat you make on the inside of the shirt and just wicks it away. Speaking of sweat – this amazing fabric has silver woven into it which kills bacteria anyway and keeps you odour free.

Whoever has laundry duty on your yacht will thank you for making their job easier. Stains will be easy to deal with and if you really want to stretch things, your shirts won’t need to be washed as often since they won’t smell. Plus as your t-shirt won’t show sweat stains, you don’t necessarily have to switch to another shirt after doing a physical activity, which could be handy during a really busy charter…

labfresh tshirt range

You may want to stock up on a few of these brilliant creations for your own personal use or even suggest to the purser that Labfresh t-shirts would make a nice addition to the crew uniform.

A little bit about the team – LABFRESH launched on Kickstarter one year ago with odour and stain repellent dress shirts. They became Netherlands most backed fashion project in Kickstarter history. They have now sold over 5000 shirts, closed their first angel round and are ready to add a new addition, T-shirts. Their mission is to change the standard for clothing. Their clothing is made for an exaction packed live and is made to last.  

labfresh t-shirt collection

To add to the awesome technology, Labfresh added a few extras in design to make them a step above an average t-shirt. The neck rib is extra soft, the label non-itching, the fabric in general is softer than average, the length of the shirt is slightly longer than a regular shirt and the sleeves are a flattering and fashionable length. It’s clear that more time and thought has gone into this garment than most clothing you would find in a store, so get yourself some awesome long lasting t-shirts and support this group on Kickstarter to see what they come up with next.

LABFRESH | The Most Advanced Stain & Odour Repellent T-shirt

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