You know when you want to take your favourite tunes to the beach, on that hike, up that snowy mountain, out on the water or any other outdoor adventure that would be made complete with a choice soundtrack……but you don’t because your speakers just might not survive the ordeal…….well guess what we found? A waterproof, dirtproof, snowproof, dropproof awesome little box of musical happiness!

Aquaphonics speaker in black


The Aquaphonics speakers from Lifeproof are built with outdoor adventures in mind and are well equipped to deal with the elements. The speaker is submersible (and still operational) up to 1 metre for up to 30 minutes. It also floats, so it’s not a problem if you knock the speaker overboard mid dance move because you can easily retrieve the music and carry on! The unit is sealed, keeping dirt, snow, dust etc locked out so there is no need to give it it’s own beach towel to lie on. You need not worry about clumsy people handling the speaker either. It can withstand drops from 1.2 metres, what a tough cookie!


Aquaphonics speaker control buttons


What about the music? They are loud at 88db, so you can invite the whole crew to the beach and party the night away. The speaker connects to your phone via Bluetooth and up to 8 devices can be paired to it at the same time, so you can mix up the music and play everyone’s favourite tunes! Buttons on the speaker control volume, play/pause and skip tracks. There is a built in microphone on the AQ11 so it works as a speaker phone, then continues the music when you have finished your call.



The battery life on this cool dude is 15 hours and if you don’t use it all up you can even charge your phone with any power left in the speaker. There is a built in dry box where you can store your phone, keys, cash and any other valuables small enough to fit in. We love this very portable, tough, loud, yachtie friendly box of joy! To find out more about the Aquaphonics speakers and other Lifeproof products, head to


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