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Clever Superyacht Management Software

Your chief Engineer has just left the yacht on less than great terms, and although he was one of the best engineers you’ve ever worked with, his record keeping was terrible. The bilge pump has blown and you have no idea what make model or manufacturer you need. The boss is due back later this week and you need to make sure what happens in the bilge, stays in the bilge… Captains… Its going to be a long and expensive week!

Or… you can simply log into the cloud or local based yacht management software solution from IDEA Yacht that keeps you in full control of your equipment and all related maintenance, ISM and procurement duties, no matter what happens with the crew.

Superyachts are highly complex managed vessels. IDEA makes sure all the information and data Captains and crew need is tracked and traced in the right place.

From HR certification to maintenance logs, the vessels database of contacts and inventory across all departments, with IDEA Yacht a report with an audit-able trail is just one click away.

Give Crew quick access to technical information with an equipment database

IDEA is a German company that develops databases for superyacht equipment, spare parts and inventory based on the information provided by the original and refit shipyards, exisiting crew, subcontractors and suppliers.

Crew can then find information on the maintenance and purchasing of all critical and major equipment within the IDEA yacht management software. This ensures that the vessel remains in excellent condition and compliant to class and register at all times. Information that can be stored includes:

Technical information


Engineer’s comments

Planned maintenance

Service history

With little or no training crew will be able to navigate through the database and obtain this information about anything stored within the database.

A superyacht out on the ocean

Increase resale value with a comprehensive maintenance plan

IDEA can program a maintenance management system to notify the engineering team according to the manufacturer, shipyard or Captain’s instructions for the vessel’s critical, major and auxiliary equipment.

Major equipment is classed as all equipment needed to keep a vessel safely afloat and manoeuvrable, for example, main engines, generators rudder, bilge pumps etc.

Auxiliary equipment includes all other equipment such as the gangway, elevators, AV equipment, water makers etc.

A sailing yacht out at sea - birdseye view

Digitisation of supplied documentation with no loss of valuable documentation

During a new build or refit superyacht project, IDEA can support the crew and the shipyard in digitising paper documentation to be part of your IDEA yacht management software.

All documents provided can be digitised and converted into searchable PDF documents.

These can include:

Manufacturer manuals

Spare part catalogs

Technical drawings

System schemes

Circuit diagrams




All digitised documents can be attached to the corresponding equipment list within the ship’s database so that no valuable information is lost when new crew join the team.

To find out more please visit the IDEA Yacht Profile on YACHTNEEDS or their website

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